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The Rut Less Travelled

Article Date: 
12 August, 2011 (All day)


EVERYONE gets stressed.  Most of us feel the calloused caress of stress before we even get out of bed in the morning!  It’s as if anxiety was waiting patiently for us before we even woke up; if we got any sleep at all! We didn’t even have time to eat breakfast, or even think about it. Before we even put the key in the ignition or punched the time clock we’re already drained from feeling the familiar cycle of cynicism ready to curse and reverse any attempt to be successful that day.  

Stress seems inescapable, following us closely, like a suffocating shadow.  We feel possessed and powerless because it is dauntless to our attempts to de-stress our distress.  Is this inner storm inescapable, or can we simply wait it out and hope the damage isn’t too intensive or extensive?  While no one is ever completely immune to stress, that doesn’t mean that it will always be as disruptive, or destructive in our lives. But how do we keep the tension from turning into trauma and causing more drama in our lives?  Can we transform this internal and infernal assassin into an emotionally empowering ally?  Yes!  

The key to your victory of stress is taking a break before it breaks you. I know we think there isn’t time to take a break, but if we don’t make the time, we will eventually be forced to take time and the recovery process will be more painful and time consuming. How can we relax long enough to actually relax and recharge while the world keeps rushing ahead and seemingly leaving our bruised behinds behind?  Where can we go to get away from it all before we lose it all?

Maybe you’ve taken that vacation out of desperation only to come home only to find tribulation. Vacations are not bad, but what is the point of going somewhere to ‘relax’ when you’re coming right back to the same things that will stress you out the second you get home?  Exactly!  We don’t need palm trees and beaches; or sunsets and cool breezes. We need to stop trying to escape stress and focus more on learning how to expect it, experience it and then expel it from our lives. This, by the way, will make any other vacation or trip truly enjoyable and really relaxing!

Therefore, over the next few weeks, you and I will be taking a trip. Our destination: RELAXATION!  When we return, your passports and your lives will be stamped with less stress and more peace.  Sound like a trip worth making?  I hope so because in the end it may be the most important trip you’ve ever taken.  Let’s get going!

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