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The Rut Less Traveled - Travel Sickness

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


Everyone gets sick sometimes and no matter when the sickness strikes it’s never pleasant.  It’s miserable and often depressing.  Being sick on vacation, however, is not only ironic, but an irritating interruption to your itinerary.  You’re supposed to get sick during the work week, not when you’re trying to enjoy resting and relaxing, right?  Nevertheless, an untimely illness can unravel the best travel plans in a heartbeat; accompanied by a cough, the sniffles and can turn your skip to the lou into a sprint to the loo.

Sickness can suck the energy and joy out of any journey.  You don’t enjoy the time and company as much as you had hoped and often you feel like the burden to those you are trusting to care for you.  Usually it’s just the common cold, or whatever flu is flying around at the time and it will pass in a few days.  Other times it’s a more vicious variety of virus that requires a more potent prescription than chicken soup.  Most times you don’t know how you got sick, or from whom, but you do your best to get some rest and recover as quickly as possible; focusing your efforts on getting better, whether it’s soup and sleep, or pills and potions.

Among the most common of assailing ailments, stress is the most often occurring opposition of them all.  As far as I know, there are no magical medications that can completely cure stress.  However, there is a prescription that can help alleviate the inside-effects and elevate your ability to celebrate life again. Ironically, it’s the same one for most physical illnesses: It’s the prescription of preparation.  When used wisely, in daily doses, you can reduce your risk of daily stresses turning into distresses by strengthening your inner immune system.  It is a wise man’s part, rather to avoid sickness, than to wish for medicines. ~Thomas Moore  

Without preparation, your destinations become desperations, not relaxations.  True, you will still have your moments of maladies, but if you will truly slow down, take a longer time out, eat healthier foods, get more rest and stop complaining and start competing for your life again, you will have more energy, joy and success in all your journeys.  You may even put a skip or two back in your step!