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The Rut Less Traveled - The Spring Cleaning Cringe

Article Date: 
30 March, 2012 (All day)

Ahhh, spring has finally sprung and the long awaited, or dreaded, spring cleaning can commence!  The time to do those daunting tasks that have been haunting us all winter long has now come due and we cringe knowing we can no longer spare the spurs.  Why do we dread it?  Because there’s so much to do and so little time to do it?  Probably both!  And cleaning isn’t a facet of fun no matter when it’s done.  However, once the terrorizing tasks are completed, there are renewed feelings of energy and life again…at least until the clutter begins its quest to re-claim our lives, but that’s another rut for down the road.

Is spring just all about work?  I don’t believe so.  There’s always work to be done, right?  Still, spring has become the designated springboard that inspires, or spurs us into annual action.  It’s like making New Year’s resolutions except now, instead of just making new goals we’re creating the soil to plant our seeds of good intentions in.  We want to make sure they have a clean, safe and warm place to grow.  Thus, cleaning, not just organizing will provide that better environment to live, love and grow in.  For when we live in a clean home it affects our hearths and our health, but more importantly, it affects our heart’s health.  When things are unclean it’s difficult to feel peace, to rest or even hope that spring is on its way.  We can feel so bogged down by our seasons of clutter and the gutters of life that we feel we will wither rather than withstand the weather long before spring arrives.  There’s too much to do and we don’t even know where to begin discarding the debris from so many woeful winters.  Yes, we’ve each had our winters of worry and wandering through doleful and discouraging times, but where there’s a winter, spring will always follow.

It’s time to let the sun shine back into our homes and into our hearts.  It’s time to clear away the cobwebs clinging to our consciences, tell the soot to scoot from our senses and melt away the frost from our faith that we will not only enjoy a better spring, but that our beauty and strength will be warmed and reborn also.  As spring is the awakening and renewal of nature’s life, it can be the awakening and true renewal of our lives.  Spring has the power to drive away winter’s cold doldrums and lift its snowy veil to reveal the beauty beneath and with the sun’s tender kiss renew its vow towards all life, including yours.  

Because this remarkable revival gives the seeds that have waited within the dark earth for so long the power to finally break free from their terrestrial restraints and become the beautiful flowers, fruits, or mighty trees they were meant to be, so too will it give new life to your seeds.  What seeds need to be freed in your life?  How many winters have you been waiting for your seeds of peace and happiness to break free from the soil of your soul?  What hearths in your home and vows in your heart need renewal and reinforcement?  

The great thing is that you don’t have to wait until spring to spring into action!  Otherwise, you may find yourself overwhelmed and haunted by the daunting tasks of cleaning up your overrun and overburdened home and heart.  If you will make spring cleaning more than a once a year ritual you will have a richer life.  Your home and heart will be wellsprings of peace, energy and enjoyment.  And whether or not you feel like a spring chicken, it doesn’t mean you can’t put a little spring back in your step and back into your life.