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The Rut Less Traveled - SELF-WORTH DAY 2012

Article Date: 
27 April, 2012 (All day)

As the world turns, we celebrate another Earth Day.  Did you plant a tree?  Recycle a water-bottle, or walk to work?  Did you at least stop and smell the roses?  Whatever you did, thank you!  The support of Earth Day has definitely grown and rightfully so.  The Earth is our home and we need to take care of it any way we can.  But the Earth has another precious resource that needs protecting, maintaining and celebrating: YOU!  When was the last time you celebrated your worth?  When was the last time you took time to be thankful for the amazing person you are?  Have you forgotten the value of you?  Maybe you’ve been too busy?  Well, take time today, right now even, and celebrate you.  I know life’s not perfect, not even close, but like Earth Day, with celebration also comes a dedication to living a better life; to not only preserving our future, but learning to enjoy the journey along the way.

What can you celebrate right now?  Who and what are the most valuable resources in your life?  Hopefully they will include people who uplift you and celebrate having you in their lives.  Do you celebrate them, too?  Remember that those valuable resources should also include your own life.  Are you taking care of your most precious assets, especially those internally?  Take some time and look for those things that will improve your worth and also to get rid of those things that are polluting your emotional environment.  Is anything contaminating your worth, or suffocating your happiness?  If so, get rid of it before it steals the oxygen from your joy and pollutes your peace of mind.  Perhaps your atmosphere is full of fear?  Maybe the lakes and streams of your heart and soul have become full of the toxic waste of doubt, discouragement, and regret?  Find the sources and shut them off.  Then get your waters rolling again and wash those impurities away.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where one doesn’t have to look far to see, or to be affected and infected by those impurities.  Lives are too often turned into landfills with all the tempting trash and captivating poisons out there.  It’s hard to breathe sometimes with all the emotional pollutants and immoral smog that smothers one’s self-worth by blocking out the blue skies of self-confidence and pure air of character.  

Let’s turn the landfills back into gardens by not just stopping to smell the roses, but by planting some along the way.  Only together can we truly get rid of the rotten and replant, rebuild and restore the beauty we’ve been missing in our lives and also help others to restore their worth and joy again.  After all, we’re not just on this planet together, we’re in this life together.  If we will make time to sustain and maintain ourselves, our friendships and relationships, this world, along with our homes and hearts, truly will be full of worth and worth celebrating every day!