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The Rut Less Traveled - Plagued by Plugs

Article Date: 
7 October, 2011 (All day)


A few weeks ago I stressed the importance of unplugging yourself from the world and investing more time in YOU.  The thought occurred to me on my journey this week that I omitted some crucial counsel.  Learning to enjoy the journey more is not only about what you should unplug from, but rather, what you should plug in to.  It sounds so simple that we don’t even realize its importance.  I was cautioning each of us to stop investing, or rather, wasting our time, talents and treasures in things which do not edify, or energize our lives.  Now, I’m talking about learning to recharge our inner batteries.  With stress embezzling so much of our hard earned emotional income, if we don’t learn to recharge our inner batteries, we’ll be charging back into our daily battles with nothing more than bold bravado.

Looking around my house I can see many gadgets and gizmos that need to be recharged and most need plugged in every day.  There is my cell-phone, my IPod, my voice recorder, my electric shaver, my laptop and even my mouse (Not related to Jerry) which all need electricity to revive them.  I don’t know how I would live without any of them!  How did any of us survive without such technology just a short decade ago?  My point is that when any one of these ‘necessities’ runs out of power I quickly search for the nearest electrical outlet so I can plug them in and charge them back to life so I can keep living mine.  

Unfortunately, there have been occasions, especially while traveling, that I’ve been unable to recharge them.  There’s nothing like the feeling of being cut off from the world because I can’t check my e-mail or receive that all important call from UKNOWN NUMBER.  I’m sure many of you have felt the familiar pangs of panic when your cell-phone is about to die and you are nowhere near an outlet!  Surely, all you gadget gurus out there know the true meaning of terror in these moments!  Whether I’ve forgotten extra batteries, or the charging cable, or couldn’t find a cable with the right adaptor for my dying device, I’ve had no choice but to go talk to someone in person, read a book that doesn’t turn the pages itself, or use something called a pen and paper to send a message.  It’s not quite as fast and efficient as texting, but I think if I had to I could learn to survive with these primitive practices.  

We worry so much about recharging our technological tools and toys that we forget to charge the most crucial device of all; ourselves!  We panic without power to charge our lifeless devices and yet neglect recharging our own life’s batteries.  I know it’s easier to remember with alarms, red lights, or messages that warn us our batteries are running low, but our minds and bodies can also tell us when we’re running low, or plugged into to many things.  We can learn to notice these warning signs before it’s too late; before our energy gets so low that we start shutting down.  Hint: Stress is one of these warnings!

You’ve felt this power down process after a long day of work, school, shopping, cleaning, fixing, driving, singing, playing, writing, etc.  You feel so worn out and tired that you want to power off for the rest of the day and longer.  This is your body telling you that it needs to recharge.  Too often, however, we don’t listen, or ignore it and try to drain a few more hours out of our batteries, or charge them using artificial energy, or caffeine’s counterfeit capabilities; telling ourselves that we will recharge later, but do we really?  Yes, we all need to recharge more responsibly, but how and where we recharge is crucial.  This week, when you’re feeling weak, find the outlets that truly charge you.  There are outlets that will drain you if you stay plugged in too long.  We can discuss those later, but for now take an inventory of not only where your energy is going, but where it’s coming from.  Recharge with the right outlets and don’t be afraid to pull the plug from the wrong ones.  And don’t forget to charge your cell-phone!