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The Rut Less Traveled - NO VACANCY

Article Date: 
21 October, 2011 (All day)


There are not too many things worse to have happen to you on vacation than not being able to find a place to stay for the night.  You’re worn out from a long day of play you need a place to temporarily call home so you can recharge for the next adventure.  But what if you couldn’t find a place?  What if all the hotels were booked and everywhere you looked you only saw NO VACANCY signs with their glaring lights mocking your unpredictable predicament. Looks like the car may be the most comfortable couch, if you have one with you.  True, nowadays this rarely happens with up to date hotel reservations, and discounts to seal the deal.  But you can imagine being away from home and not having a place to stay. By the way, there is something worse than not finding a room for the night.  It’s finding a room and having to share it with free-loading, hungry, eight legged creatures ready to welcome you.  But that’s another story.

Now, whether you’re going on a vacation, or a staycation, imagine that YOU are the desired destination of world travelers from far and wide.  You want to be the very best hotel and the host; greeter and guide; chief and chef of Hotel de You.  You want all who stay at your hotel to enjoy it so much that they will not only come again but tell their friends to come as well.  However, you only have a limited number of rooms to rent.  You will need to be careful not only how many guests you reserve rooms for but who you allow to stay as well.  If you let ‘I’m Busy’ stay at your hotel, ‘My Dreams’ might go find another place to stay.  If you let ‘Un-forgiveness’ spend too many nights, ‘Love’ will leave on the next flight out.  No matter how badly ‘Mr. Idle and Miss Lazy’ want a room, even if they’re willing to pay double, if you let them stay, I can promise that ‘Mr. Potential and Miss Productivity’ will build a hotel next to yours and probably put you out of business!  And last, but not least, among all the other visitors and guests you want to have stay in your hotel, if you let ‘Stress’ stay too long, not only will you property value go down, but it will keep other guests away, especially ‘Peace’, which will pass quickly by when it sees the NO VACANCY sign in your window.

Perhaps a poignant point, but it’s time to take an inventory of your hotel.  No more guessing about who’s on your guest list.  You need to know who is staying at your hotel that is causing problems.  Who do you need to take away the room keys from and stop giving room service and wake-up calls to so you can enjoy your life better?  It’s time to turn on the NO VACANCY sign—not the DO NOT DISTURB sign—to those tempting travelers who, while promising to stay just for one night and to behave, have been causing contention and dissension in your life for too long.  Turn back on the VACANCY sign for your ‘Dreams’, ‘Love’, ‘Potential’ and ‘Productivity’, and of course, ‘Peace’.  You’re not some flea bag hotel for just anyone or anything.  You’re a five-star resort and you need to start evicting, eliminating and exterminating those crippling qualities and pestering pests and inviting the good qualities that need a place to stay, not just for the night, but for a lifetime.  Those qualities that went somewhere else will be back quickly when they see the VACANCY sign.  If I were you, I’d give them the best rooms I had and a discount, too, for good measure.  And today, give yourself a wake-up call because your new life is waiting for you and you don’t want to miss a moment of it!