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The Rut Less Traveled - Hidden treasures

Article Date: 
6 April, 2012 (All day)

From spring cleaning to spring singing, the beauty of the world is reborn. For those who celebrate Easter’s true miracles and meanings their baskets and hearts are full of hidden treasures and treats to discover.  One of my favorite parts of Easter is the hiding and hunting for eggs.  It’s a true test of creativity when you can hide a dozen eggs or more and they stay hidden.  Of course, you don’t want to leave any unfound for too long, or else your nose may get a hidden surprise as well.

I love finding creative places to hide eggs, but for me it’s also the finding of those very well-hidden eggs that makes it egg-citing.  If you’re an egg-sperienced hider, or hunter, you know that while there are some obvious and easy places to hide eggs, finding them all requires thinking outside the basket.  Depending on who is hiding them, some eggs may be a bit tougher to locate.  Here are some helpful hints for your hiding and hunting. 

Outside has some great places like mailboxes, tree branches, flower pots, car tires (make sure you find these!), and anyplace with lots of grass, weeds or shrubs.  Don’t forget that egg color and camouflage are your friends!  In other words, don’t hide pink eggs in green grass.  Hiding inside is a lot trickier, depending on how sneaky you want to be, of course.  Some favorite hiding spots are behind picture frames, in houseplant pots, bookshelves, cups turned upside down, and under the couch--not under the couch cushions--trust me!  If you’re really feeling creative, or vindictive, you can even hide eggs inside shoes or cereal boxes. (You did not hear those ideas from me!)  The point is to have fun.  You want the searchers to fill their baskets not become basket-cases!  Don’t forget that not everybody can reach some high places, yet.  So hiding needs to account for age, experience and height!

What’s the point I’m dyeing for you to discover here?  That just like finding Easter eggs, life is full of hidden treasures and gifts for you.  Some treasures are trickier to find and may take more time, but they are waiting for you.  Some gifts you might have to reach a little higher for, others are closer and in plain sight.  I’ve learned that miracles are always age, experience and height appropriate.  They are as specific and special as the person who finds them.  They are never too far out of reach, or hidden so well that we never find them.  Even if you haven’t found one for a while, don’t stop searching.  Your basket may feel empty now, but it will be filled!  Sometimes there’s a miracle in the mailbox, other times it’s the treasured tears from a dear friend.  Thankfully, not all treasures are buried or hidden, like making someone smile, offering a helping hand, a healing hug, a sure shoulder to lean on; these are the true treasures in life.  The great thing is that we don’t have to hide them and we won’t run out by giving them away, or have no more room by collecting as many as we can for our own heart’s basket.  And just as Easter eggs are beautifully and creatively colored, we each have our own special beauty and color to share with the world.

At this time of renewal and rebirth, let your own heart and soul discover new life.  Don’t stop searching until you find those hidden treasures waiting just for you.  While you’re looking, share the ones your basket is full of with those who need to be uplifted, supported, encouraged, comforted and reminded that life itself is a miracle to be treasured everyday…even when we do find a rotten egg here and there.  Happy Easter!