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The Rut Less Traveled - Christmas Chaos

Article Date: 
23 December, 2011 (All day)


The other day I overheard some grumbling Grinches say how glad they were that Christmas only came once a year.  I think their cold hearts were standing to close to the warm Christmas Spirit from passing shoppers.  I listened at length to so many others who were hustling and bustling that day.  One spoke of how they weren’t sure if they’d ever get the house clean enough for visiting family members, or how long it was going to take to make all the goodies.  It sounded like they were hoping it would all be over soon so they could go back to relaxing.  As if being afraid to say Merry Christmas, or substituting X-mas for Christmas, wasn’t bad enough.  Are we going to start spelling Christmas, C-h-a-o-s?  

Do we worry too much about the amount of presents we give and receive, especially for ourselves, more than the amount of presence we give and receive to and from our friends and family?  Compared to the true reason for the season, worrying about the so-called chaos and the costs is like only eating the cold crust of a warm apple cobbler.  How many people, especially our loved ones, are starving for the Spirit of Christmas because they think it costs too much or is too much hassle?

There are more tragic things than not spending enough money.  Love is about spending time, not money.  No one ever went into debt or bankruptcy because they spent too much time on love.  This year, let’s replace tragic with the magic.  Instead of looking under the tree, let’s look inside our hearts for the true gifts.  Instead of worrying about who gets what and how much it costs, let’s be less concerned with how much we spend on Christmas and more concerned with who we spend Christmas with and making the most of the season, not only once a year, but as often as we can!