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The Rut Less Traveled - Beloved Beliefs

Article Date: 
17 February, 2012 (All day)

Valentine’s Day has come and gone once again.  Cupid has retreated to his lover’s lair for another year to refill his quiver, rest his weary wings and hopefully work on his aim for next year’s heartfelt hunt.  To those of us whose hearts were not found in Cupid’s crosshairs, or whose hearts were pierced by the painful arrows (or bullets) of rejection, loneliness, or loss, may my words be as an arrow of peace straight into your heart.

There are many kinds of love in this world, both true and counterfeit.  Sometimes it seems true love is impossible to find because of all the corrupt competition preying upon the purity of our hearts.  But ultimately, we all need love.  Some of us may not think we do because our experiences with love have been more like curses and crucibles, than comforts and companionships.  Some misled lovers have learned to mistrust anything that even resembles comfort or companionship for fear of their hearts being hurt again.  Others, perhaps jaded by jerks, believe true love is just a myth; an imaginary symbol to mock their loneliness and which will forever elude their longing attempts to find it.  They still want to believe, but their tears fall in vain upon the deserts of their enduring, yet wavering hopes.  

As the hourglasses of our lives slowly shrink, one lonely grain of sand at a time, we may have forgotten what’s it’s like to hold another’s hand, to feel the power of a pure kiss, or hear words whispered by one whose heart gives yours life and light when the rest of the world seems dead and dark.  Those who have experienced such meaningful moments have known true love and a prevailing peace in their hearts and in their lives.  But those who have been passed by, or have lost such precious treasures, have experienced true pain; a pain so great that it seems there can be no healing for a heart so broken, no comfort for a heart so alone, and no forgiveness for a heart left behind, or truths for its trust betrayed.

To those who have loved and lost; when for better or for worse became another empty promise, or when that love you had waited for and searched unwaveringly for became blinded and bound by the subtle craftiness of thieves and imposters, there are few words that can comfort, but sometimes it only takes a few.  Whether you hear them, read them, sing them, cry them, or shout them, let the world know you still believe in love.  So don’t stop searching, don’t stop building, or believing in the love you want to find and share.  Your heart may have been beaten, but it’s still beating and no matter how many grains of sand must fall before you find that hand to hold, those lips to kiss, or hear the long awaited whispers of I love you, don’t stop living or loving yourself or your life.  There are still good and great hearts out there waiting to love you; hearts you can trust and be safe with.  I hope and believe that you will find that one, or that it will find you.  Keep letting your heart so shine.  It’s your time to believe and love again.

To those who have found true love, I hope you recognize and honor it every day of the year.  Don’t let your passion become passive until next Valentine’s Day.  Always remember that while love provides a power unmatched by its counterfeit and carnal counterparts, it is a living force that cannot survive long with words alone, or neglected nourishment.  When it is honored and cherished it is a union of such strength and stability that upon its foundation can be built homes of love and unity; warm hearths and hearts where courage is cultivated, poisons purged and broken hearts healed.  Yes, there will still be storms, for   even the strongest of relationships must learn to weather the storms that arise in life, but do not wait until those storms come before you build the safe harbors and strong anchors necessary to protect your love.  Never forget that love is a great gift and also a great responsibility.  It is both precious and priceless.  When wielded wisely in our hearts and homes, love will guide and guard all who are within the never-ending reach of its embrace.