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Rootin' for the Home Team from the First Pitch Forward

Article Date: 
15 April, 2011 (All day)

By Bill Ross


In the early years of baseball in Morgan County almost all of the communities had teams. One such team was from North Morgan. I don’t think there is a parent who doesn’t like to watch their son or daughter play sports. Can you imagine an entire team comprised of 10 of your boys? The North Morgan team were all the sons  of the LDS Stake President Daniel Heiner. His sons were Sylvester, Brent, Charlie, Henry, Roswell, Hamner, John, Moroni, George and Heber. Apparently none of his boys could throw hard or straight enough because they had to bring in Thomas Fry and Arthur Francis Jr. and another young man from Ogden to fill the position. 

Over the years other team members were added who didn’t have the name of Heiner on the back of their jerseys. Two of these were Dr. Ethan Marsh Abbott and his son March. March was a hard hitting first baseman, but during World War II he joined the Army and gave his life for his country. 

Another family who played on the North Morgan team through the years was the Murdock family. James Murdock was around 40 years old when he played, but many said he played like a young man. He had been the star catcher of the Heber City team before moving to Morgan. His sons Kent, Stewart and Lowell eventually played for the North Morgan team. Kenneth and Lyle Tucker, Francis Porter, Dick and Dan Sommers, James Johnston, Tye and Chuck Little and Lawrence Abbott to name just a few were all members of the North Morgan team. Many of the offspring of these men have been on the rosters of teams at Morgan High with many playing at the college level.