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A Rodeo Tradition

Article Date: 
26 August, 2011 (All day)


Bonnie Peterson Woolsey of Morgan, was crowned Queen of Morgala Days fifty years ago in 1961. This summer she handed over the reins to her granddaughter.   In a different venue, but with the same quality horsemanship, Christena Woolsey of Stone, Idaho was crowned queen of the Western Box Elder County Rodeo.  

A half century ago when Bonnie aspired to be Morgala Days Queen, the age requirement was 14. She tried out and did very well and was named 1st attendant.  The next year she came back and this time she placed 2nd.  She didn’t let a slip in the standings hold her back.  The next year she proved the adage third times a charm and was crowned Queen.  During this time she was able to ride in all the rodeos.  Bonnie has fond memories of the time she was able to compete; however now she is very satisfied to go and cheer for Christena.

Christena has different inspirations and one of them is her grandma.  Ever since Christena was a little girl, Bonnie has enjoyed watching her granddaughter carry on the family legacy. Bonnie enjoys watching her granddaughter and from the time she was little she was able to see her continue on her legacy.  Bonnie helped Christena acquire a horse to show at the Morgan County Fair in the Halter class division at the young age of six, just one year after taking her first ride on a horse.

Now at age 13, she enjoys taking barrel racing lessons.  On Monday, July 18 her coach talked to her about the Queen contest, because she had shown earlier interest.  She had a very short time to prepare herself and her horse because by Wednesday July 20, she was crowned queen and also tied for first in barrel racing for her division.  Her grandmother was absolutely amazed, “I couldn’t believe it, I was dumbfounded.”  She is very proud of all Christena’s accomplishments and this one was huge because of all of the work she had to put in, especially in so short of a time.  

Christena competed for the crown by modeling, interviewing with judges, and riding.  One of the questions this poised girl was challenged with was ‘If there was any event in world history you would change what would it be and why?’  Christena chose on of the greatest atrocities of our time- 9/11.  The answer reflects incite of a girl reaching for her hopes and dreams.  She said she would change this tragedy because there were people just like her that died that day.  She felt there were people with talents, hopes and dreams that wouldn’t be able to do the things they loved anymore.  

There are many different aspects to the event but, Christena doesn’t hesitate to say her favorite part of the whole event is, “Getting on my horse and riding.”  Her grandmother will continue to cheer for her.  “I love to watch her,” Bonnie said, “She’s a go getter, that one is.”