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Poem Pinhey wins a pass to meet Taylor Swift

Article Date: 
14 October, 2011 (All day)

It is every girl's dream to one day meet a star, and especially someone they idolize. This dream came true for Poem Pinhey of Morgan, when her aunt Lacie Child, entered her into a video contest sponsored by Cover Girl, and Taylor Swift, to have the chance to win a back stage pass with Taylor swift on her recent concert in Colorado.  Only 20 recipients received this award, and were picked from online votes of their videos submitted. 

Poem Pinhey was elated when she was selected, so off she went with her mom, Bambi Pinhey, and Aunt Lacie and cousin Samantha. They were invited into Nashville’s star Taylor Swift’s Tea Party room, that was decorated for Taylor Swift’s special guests.  

The room was decked out with colorful fabrics, and swatches of wall paper from Taylor Swift’s own room. They were served cookies, and brownies, and had the chance to take pictures with the star. They were all impressed with how personable and kind Taylor Swift was to them. It truly will be a moment that will be cherished and remembered for many years to come!