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Pack 971 participates in procession

Article Date: 
27 January, 2012 (All day)

On Saturday, January 7, 2012, an email was sent from the Trapper Trails scout office in Ogden requesting all available scouts in the Trapper Trails Council participate in lining the funeral procession route for fallen Officer Jared Francom. Because Officer Francom was an Eagle Scout himself, having scouts line the route in their uniforms would be a way to help honor him. 

As scout leaders, we realized this would be a wonderful opportunity for our scouts to put into action the things we talk about in our regularly. Realizing the funeral and the procession would take place during normal school hours we notified parents of our plan and had them notify the school accordingly. It was wonderful to pull up to the school and see the young men of our pack and others proudly wearing their scout shirts and to have such a large number of young men ready to help honor this fallen hero.

 Despite freezing temperatures, tired feet, runny noses and hungry stomachs, the scouts of Pack 971 and many others lined the funeral procession route to honor Agent Francom. Proudly holding American Flags and saluting those in the procession was a life changing experience for all involved. Those members of the funeral procession were visibly touched by these boys’ offering and were often sees saluting back or mouthing the words “thank you” from their cars while wiping away tears from their cheeks. 

As we talked about the experience with our scouts they had many emotions and recall their memories of that day: 

 “It was worth standing out in the cold so that we could respect the officer.”   -Russell Shaw

 “He served to help a lot of people”. - Jamesen Burraston

 “You don’t expect to see a police officer die, and that makes it hard.” - Jakob Burt


 Duty to God and Country are important parts of being a scout and hopefully the boys will carry this memory with them forever.