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Number Nine Story of 2010 Big Hearted Haslam

Article Date: 
31 December, 2010 - 06:00

Story number nine is Rod Haslam.  When The Morgan County News did our first interview with Haslam we considered what title to give the article.  After talking about it and considering it we determined to title it “Big Hearted Haslam”.  It seemed fitting, and it stuck.  It was not long thereafter that Haslam chided me and said that everyone one at work was now teasing him and calling him “Big Hearted Haslam”.
The name stuck because it so aptly describes this man who serves in all that he does with his full heart.  Whether he is coaching kids who are preparing for a rodeo or learning to ride horses, whether he is judging a rodeo competition, whether he is working on the fairgrounds, or serving on the county council, Rod Haslam gives it his full heart.
It is no wonder that the heart he had wore out.  Haslam was elected to the council two years ago.  When he was elected he knew that he had health challenges, but they were managed and he felt confident that he could serve out his term.  As his time on the council progressed his health deteriorated.  In late 2010 Haslam determined that it was time to step down.  Within only a few weeks he was in the hospital awaiting a transplant.  He was soon at the top of the list and received a life saving transplant.
The surgery went well and Haslam was soon home, although restricted to home while he is on heavy doses of imuno suppressing drugs to keep his body from rejecting the new heart.  Haslam is a wonderful example of the spirit of Morgan County as he perseveres and serves through what would have stopped many individuals cold.
As soon as he is able it is certain that we will see “Big Hearted Haslam” back at work serving his employer, his family, and his community.  His service and spirit make Rodney Haslam one of the top ten stories of 2010.