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News Briefs for September 21, 2012

Article Date: 
21 September, 2012 (All day)

Short season for farmers market
“This is it. . . last week for the Farmer’s Market,” announced last Saturday by Marion Andrews, farmer’s market coordinator. Saturday, September 15th, business as usual at Morgan ‘s Farmers Market until the produce vendors said they would not be back next week, because they had no more produce to sell.
“On average, there had been 9 to 10 vendors each week,” said Andrews.
Those attending the farmer’s market, only a couple of vendors sold produce, the other vendors sold homemade or manufactured items.
“Peaches came early, tomatoes are done, and the corn froze,The weather did have an impact on the available produce, and was the factor in the farmer’s market ending this season.” agreed the market coordinator.
 Andrews said she was grateful for produce they had, and  the support of the community and the vendors.