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News Briefs for 19 Oct. 2012

Article Date: 
19 October, 2012 (All day)

Board to experience busy 2013 year
The Morgan County School Board is anticipating a busy 2013 year with a voted leeway on the ballot and the need to hire a new superintendent.
Superintendent Ken Adams announced earlier this year his intent to retire by July 1 to save the district money.  He wants to see any money saved put toward keeping teachers in the classroom.
The district may send notices to fill the superintend position in March and begin interviewing in April.  This will also be crucial time to educate voters about the voted leeway, that will be on the June 27 ballot.
Junior prom planned
Morgan High School officials are scheduling the 2013 Junior Prom early, and at a location outside Morgan County.
Principal Wade Murdock said the March 2 date fits nicely between the end of the basketball season and the beginning of spring sports.  He recalled one year that prom was held the same night as a baseball tournament.  “It was a disaster,” he said.
The David Conference Center will be the venue again this year, as it was last year.  
“I think it is great we started a new tradition,” said Boardmember Ken Durrant, who previously advocated to keep the prom location inside the county as it has been in years past.
However, some high school teachers say holding the prom outside the county allows more instructional time for their students the week leading up to the event.  In the past, students were excused from class to decorate the high school gym.
Board member opposes new DATC charter school
The Davis Applied Technology College Board of Directors recently heard a proposal for a new charter school at the DATC.  The approved proposal included using a DATC classroom for charter school core subjects such as English and math.  
Jody Hipwell, Morgan County School board member who also serves on the DATC Board of Directors, cast her vote in opposition to the new technical charter school.
“I see it hurting our district,” because it could lead to decreased enrollment and therefore decreased state funding, Hipwell said.
Trojan center open for morning walking
The Trojan Century Center is now open to the public from 6 to 7:30 a.m. for anyone who wants to get out of the cold and walk the indoor track.