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New Tax Rates Approved by the School District

Article Date: 
12 August, 2011 (All day)


At school board meeting on Tuesday the board approved increased tax rates for the district.  The increase in rates is primarily to address three issues:

1. Houses in Morgan have seen their values for tax assessment drop in the last year.

2. The tax payment rate has dropped from approximately 97% to 92%.

3. New rules by the state which mean that if taxes are paid when they are delinquent the district effectively loses the tax revenue for the year in which it is paid (the state reduces the tax the district can collect by the amount of the delinquent tax paid in the subsequent year).

The combination of these factors meant that the district needed to hold a truth in taxation hearing.  There were many citizens who attended the hearing and voiced the view that they hoped that the district would consider every way of reducing costs before increasing taxes in difficult economic times.  Superintendent Ken Adams as well as board members addressed the comments and questions and provided insight into areas where the district has reduced costs.  The board also reminded those attending that approximately 87.5% of the district’s expenditures are on salaries and so any significant cut to the budgets would result in larger class sizes.

The district approved the new tax rates.  These rates will have the overall effect of increasing taxes on a $200,000 home by approximately $5.61 per year.