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New Chamber of Commerce website announced

Article Date: 
21 December, 2012 (All day)

Morgan City, County, and Chamber of Commerce have been working throughout the year to develop a new website.  It has taken cooperation from the three parties to get the website ready to launch.  All three could see the potential benefits this website could provide to Morgan businesses and its residents.   “This has been a good thing,” Shelly Betz, city councilwoman stated.  She encourages everyone to go to the website and see what is actually available in Morgan.    
The website lists 50 things to do in Morgan under the “Visit Morgan” tab.  Even longtime residents will find something fun to do on the list that they haven’t done before.  In fact, the items on the list bring countless visitors to our peaceful yet exciting valley every year.    
Steve Whitesell of Radian, the company working to market Morgan, stated that the website is, “About Morgan by Morgan.”  This is great for residents, local business owners and those who want to visit, recreate, and dine in Morgan County.   Residents can easily find contact information for all Morgan County businesses.  
More and more this county is becoming socially conscious and realizing the benefits of supporting local businesses. We have great local businesses that are striving to be competitive.  We also have unique restaurants, shops and recreation opportunities that draw patrons from across the county border. 
The website gives businesses one more opportunity to come into contact with their target market. Small business owners have a unique opportunity through this website to have mini websites.  For a nominal cost, a business owner can have their own mini website linked to the business directory.   A month to month contract is $25 and the cost decreases with longer agreements.  
These mini websites are easy to create from several different templates.  A mini website can be established in three steps; choosing a template, choosing a color scheme and inputting information.  Chamber of Commerce President Albert Wilde joked, “The hardest part is remembering how to get in!”  
If logging in and creating a website sounds overwhelming to business owners, the Chamber of Commerce has contact information for several individuals who will help set up a website for a nominal fee.  Chamber members receive even better benefits.  
An economic development plan was established earlier this year.  The development plan set out to accomplish the following: create a business friendly environment, increase job growth through targeted business development, assist local businesses in reaching their goals by identifying assets and available resources and increase tourism by promoting the area’s recreational opportunities.  
The plan had a target of two-five years.  We are currently in the second year and the group agrees appropriate progress has been made in the four objectives they set out to achieve.   
The first objective was to visit existing area businesses to learn about and understand their needs and concerns while offering new networking opportunities and assisting possible expansion and growth.
The second included working to facilitate new business growth by identifying area assets and resources, reducing restrictions and implementing business incentives.
The first two objectives are currently being worked on with an economic questionnaire. This questionnaire has been and will continue to be distributed throughout the county.   The hope is to identify ways to help existing businesses survive and grow. As a result of the information gathered from this document, the Chamber is finding ways to help individual businesses and to promote the assets we have in our community.  They find it is just as important to help the existing businesses in Morgan, as it is to continually try to bring in new businesses.  Any business owners who have not received the questionnaire can call 801-829-4075 to get a copy.
The third objective is to promote and market the Morgan area as a business friendly, outdoor adventure destination.
The fourth objective is to strengthen existing, and create new community events that will help bring tourism into the Morgan area.
The last two objectives are being addressed with the launch of the new website as well as the printing of new brochures with the help of Doug Dingman of Mountain Green.  The website and brochures outline many ways to recreate in Morgan.  A community calendar on the site will showcase all events for Morgan County.  “No event is too small,” Wilde said encouraging everyone to promote their activities on the calendar.  The city, county and chamber are working together on upcoming events.  
Morgan Area Chamber is located at the Northfront Business Center.  For any questions or comments contact Bailey Phannerstill at 801-829-4075, or  Business hours are Wednesday 9 a.m.-12 and Thursday 2 p.m.- 4 p.m.