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Never Forgetting: Letters to our Veterans and Soldiers

Article Date: 
11 November, 2011 (All day)


Veterans Day 2011 comes once in a century this year on 11/11/11. With this remarkable day in history, where we celebrate our veterans throughout the nation and different wars, I wanted to post some of the letters that have been sent to me from people throughout the United States from veterans, soldiers and individuals who support our troops.  On my side job, I work as a songwriter with an organization called Project Troops- Artists Who Care. We do concerts for soldiers and veterans, and have been involved in fundraising to help with sending packages and letters to our troops. We often get letters to give to the soldiers and veterans, and I wanted to share some of these sentiments provided by veterans, and supporters of our troops for this Veterans Day.  It is not enough for us to merely stand by and take our freedoms for granted, we must realize for what we enjoy today, someone has paid a price, and is paying the price for our freedoms today. Thank a soldier, write a letter, send a package, to let them know of your gratitude.

  In England on Veterans Day (or Remembrance Day as they call it in England) at 11:11 on 11/11 the whole country has a minute of silence to remember those who have served and have passed away.  So perhaps on 11/11/11 at 11:11 take a moment of silence to remember those who have served for your freedoms, remember those who have died in wars, and remember and pray for those who are currently serving in harm’s way.

Letters to our Soldiers and Veterans from around the USA and elsewhere.

- Dear Comrades, I am very proud to be a part of what America is all about.  Brave, awesome, compassionate Men and Women, who like me, my Father, Brother, Uncles, Cousins, most all Highly decorated ,from WWI ,WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Cold war ,Dessert Storm ,gave all they had to defend America !You are not forgotten and always know, that God is watching over all of you, as he did me and my Family for decades. I lost my Brother in Nam, but the rest of us made it back Heroes, and always remember, God said himself, there is no greater Love than to stand and give up your life for your Brothers and Sisters. From the bottom of my Heart, I love each and every one of you and ask God to watch over all of you and Bless all of you, as he has Blessed the old War Pilot and Hero. From Pennsylvania- William C. (U.S.Army, Special Forces, Vietnam, Desert Storm ,Cold War Veteran) 

- I remember the Vietnam war very well and some of my friend’s husbands lost their lives, a very dear friend wounded three times, he lived! I just can’t imagine what it was like for them. I want to thank our Vets, our Military, our Husbands, Brothers, Sisters and our Children for all they did and are doing for us. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA - Lajuana H. - Georgia

-May angels of love, luck and liberty always smile on you and surround you wherever you go ..... God bless America and god bless you .. !!!! Pam G.- Tennessee

- Thank You for putting your life on the line for our flag, for living up to the true meaning of our flag. The world’s a better place and safer place because of our military forces. So Thank you. -Bridget F. -UTAH

- Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties missing their families while they are protecting ours. We will never forget the sacrifices they are making for our Exceptional Nation!- John W. - Alabama

- Dear Soldiers, All Branches, Men and Women, I wanted to say hello and thank you for the great sacrifice you are making for us here at home. I imagine you hear this everyday so my letter is not much different then most. I wished I had some great words of wisdom to share with you that would change your time over there. You all look so young and in your faces I see the essence of my sons. So coming from a Moms perspective, I thank your family as well, you are some ones Son-Daughter-Mom-Dad-Sibling-Aunt-Uncle-Cousin-Friend. I have many family, that have lived the Military Life and are getting on in years now, and the commitment they made in their lives. All of you have one thing in common even with the wide range of years between the generations, That Patriotic Spirit its beautiful to see. I know there must be times when you dream about coming home to Moms cooking, or a back yard Barbecue, or  a fire work display on the fourth. Father’s and Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just a lazy day. So as I close I Pray for the day you can come home to your loved ones and enjoy those moments. -Clara B. - Alabama

-~ Thank YOU for your Heroism and Bravery. I want you to know “you all are in my prayers and thoughts.”Stay Safe and thanks for keeping America free. God Bless - Lou Ann M. - CA

-The fact is that there is no one left to call me Mother anymore! As every year, for four years, this year is unlike the last, as time goes, the harder, the more excruciating the pain has become. His last day, two hours before his own death In Balad Iraq, my son was helping a friend who had collapsed from heat exhaustion, I miss Patrick voice telling me: “I love you Mom “just calling out of the blue for no reason, which was typical of Patrick. I have the regret to say that I had not fully grasped the deep meaning of his spontaneous actions; of serving our country in Iraq, and paying the ultimate sacrifice. I remember one day at the grocery store. I suddenly burst into tears, seeing in my mind’s eye the very last package that we had sent to Camp Anaconda, Patrick never received it ... he was killed instead and the package came back to us unopened from Iraq, never got his “Altama” desert boots either. The boots forever empty will never be worn and are now on display near his medals and photographs. On his daily phone call, I remember his words with a heaviness of despair in his voice, asking me if we had sent the package yet. He needed his boots, the old pair was holding with duct tape. His boots came back unopened. –Patrick paid the ultimate sacrifice. – Nadia M. –California.

- I have been serving in Afghanistan since January with the British Army. I’m currently in Kandahar with ISAF troops, serving with American Troops. We get rocketed and mortared on a regular basis, the most recent fatalities being just over a week ago. Thanks for all those who support the troops- Dean J. - United Kingdom 

- As a Retired Desert Storm Veteran, I too would love to thank you for the continuing sacrifices that you make on a daily basis. Once Army always Army. I miss being with the troops. Since retiring, things have gone so sour with the economy. The civilian sector is not so friendly to veterans for job security. As a retired veteran I appreciate all that the community can do to help the troops and veterans. Keep your heads down and your aim STRAIGHT AND STALWART SOLDIER- Paul G.- Georgia

-Thank You to all of our Brave Men and Women in the United States Military who are serving our country the USA in its time of need.  You volunteer and make a great sacrifice every day you are in the uniform. You Brave Men and Women keep all of we American Citizens back home here safe. You brave Men and Women in the US  Military keep and maintain our FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY here in the U.S.,  overseas and on our own soil, God Bless you and keep you safe! - Charles P. -Nevada