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Nancy Mikesell, a 4-H legacy

Article Date: 
30 March, 2012 (All day)

In the 1950’s, Nancy Mikesell was known as one of the best 4-Hers in Morgan County!  Nancy has always loved 4-H. Her favorite 4-H club was always sewing. She participated in 4-H sewing clubs for many years and when she was in high school, she also taught sewing to the girls who were in Jr. High. She is still teaching sewing today to her granddaughters and some of their friends. 

Nancy was also very good at giving 4-H demonstrations. One year she had the opportunity to give a demonstration about the attachments on the Singer sewing machine on T.V. She gave the demonstration on Channel 4 KDYL. 

One of the best memories Nancy has of 4-H is winning a trip to Washington D.C. along with three other 4-Hers from Utah.  They learned about the legislature and visited many historical sites. She won this trip by writing a story about her 4-H experiences. While there she had the opportunity to eat at the United States Senate Restaurant, see President Truman in person, and meet 4-Hers from all over the country. Some of her favorite parts of the trip were attending a dance with the other 4-Hers and riding the train back and forth from Utah.  

Nancy has been a 4-H volunteer for many years, teaching sewing, cooking and crafts.  She feels that 4-H had a positive impact on her life, and she is carrying that on with those she teaches today.  Morgan County 4-H is lucky to have a volunteer like Nancy Mikesell.