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Morgan youth to compete in pageant

Article Date: 
20 June, 2014 (All day)

Faith White has become a state finalist in the National American Miss Pageant. This has always been her dream. Faith has a disability that makes her walk on her toes and makes her tire easily. 
Her parents are proud of her for overcoming many challenges in her life and for her having the determination to accomplish her hearts biggest desire.
Faith hopes to inspire other kids, especially those with disabilities, to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. Faith is one of the top students in her classes, which is a miracle because of her Septo Optic Dysplasia.  This was shown at her trial interview to enter the pageant when the interviewer remarked that Faith was very articulate and educated. 
She loves to sing, act, read and be around horses but mostly she loves to be a friend to those who may feel alone.  Faith has a big heart, loves people and loves to serve others.
Faith will be competing in Las Vegas, Nevada July 11 and 12. Most importantly, she and her family would like to thank all the people in this wonderful valley. Family, friends, neighbors and businesses, people she didn’t even know stepped forward and supported her in many ways in order for her to accomplish her dream.  The White family is grateful for all the support and considers every person who helped them along the way to be true friends.