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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of Oct 29

Article Date: 
29 October, 2010 - 06:00

Mrs. Eliza Anne Hayes and her husband died within 45 hours of each other.  First Eliza died from a bloody nose, that lasted less than five minutes and was in good health prior to the nose bleed; Her husband Alfred Hayes, who had been in poor health for many years, passed away 45 hours later.
Miss Laura Kearns, who is studying at the Dee Hospital, spent the weekend with her parents.
The Misses Norma Dickson and Genevieve Dickson are attending school at Weber College in Ogden.
Chicken coop building a specialty. Get my prices. A.B. Carrigan, carpenter, Phone 103, Morgan.
Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Heiner motored to Ogden Friday and brought Maroni Heiner and Grant Kearns with them to spend the weekend.
Wm. Tucker is driving a new Chevrolet coach recently purchased of the Olsen Chevrolet Company.
Miss Alberta Williams who has entered B.Y.U. at Provo will receive the News during the ensuing school year, a present from her father and mother.
Last week the News stated that William Johnson was a student at Weber College this year. The facts are that Will is a senior in B.Y.U. at Provo. The editor apologized for the error, we don’t know how it happened but we are mighty glad to correct it and to set the young man right in the eyes of his friends. (If they apologized for this, can you imagine if they said he went to the University of Utah. Go Cougars!)
For sale, the old Stoddard School Building and Grounds. (Since there was no number or name to contact, I guess everyone knew who to get a hold of?)
Alice Anderson, Phyllis Thompson and Midred Tippetts entertained at the Halloween party Thursday evening.  The guests all came in costume. As the evening passed they unmasked and prizes were awarded those having the best costumes and makeup. A delightful luncheon was served to about sixteen guests. (If it was about sixteen guests, does that mean it may have been 15 or 17 too.)
There was a three line ad in the paper that said, “Deseret Mortuary   Ogden 2468   “Service above all””
(Lets figure out the following) Extra! Extra! Jimmy has been kidnapped, Jimmy has disappeared from the fraternity house. Everyone is frantic-they fear foul play. Poor Jimmy. (Maybe the paper said Jimmy was a Ute instead of a Cougar, see 1930 above)
Tryouts for the MHS drum major were held Tuesday. The winner was Miss Emmaloo Welch.
In an ad for Camel Cigarettes it said “Those extras in slower-burning Camels make a grand difference to me. My throat likes the extra mildness… (The ad didn’t say what her heart and lungs thought)
Mrs. Allison Crouch is substitute teacher this week, taking Mrs. Mary Rawles place. Mrs. Rawles is suffering an attack of tonsillitis.  
Although the war is over, Utah residents will have to wait another year before they get back to that prewar status of two metal license plates per year on their automobiles. (Honestly officer, they never issued me a front plate… Sure, as he writes them a ticket)
(My favorite news item of the week follows) Fire Chief Ken Sommers urges citizens to use extra precaution against burning rubbish or brush during the next two weeks as most of the men will be away deer hunting and if help is needed it will be scarce.
“Our Town” was held at Morgan High School. The plays leads were Merrill Francis, Elizabeth Wright, Dan Sommers and Glen Bridges.
Funeral services were held for Margaret Jennetie Carter, 55 who was killed in an automobile accident in Hardscrabble Canyon.
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We would love someone to help write a grant to get us the money to get all of these copies digitalized. There are copies of each issue on microfish, but to digitalize all of these would cost near $23,000.  This would give the readers of our county all of the information they get from this column every week, and not miss 24 years of it each week.   If you know of a way to write a grant, or can help us to do even one year, which will be about $900, let Doug know at (801) 829-3451.
A giardia outbreak happened in Morgan City.
A snow storm caused broken leaves on trees throughout the valley.
Wayne and Emma Lou Bell were called to serve in the Philippines, Manila mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Mike Elquest and Becky Bohman were selected to the All-State Band.
Morgan High Drama department put on the play The Game of Gold, under the direction of Lynden Bennett.
Two full pages of editorials concerning the next week’s elections.
A golden anniversary was held for Russell and Barbara Porter of Porterville.
Mary Ellen Wingate celebrated her 80th birthday.
The Morgan Trojans beat the North Summit Braves 28-0 .
Elder Jason Peterson was called to serve in the Italy Rome mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Sister Revecca Stevens was called to serve in the Milan Italy mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Justin Smith, pharmacist for Morgan Drug, got a hole in one while golfing at Eagle Mountain Golf Course in Brigham City.
Bob Wynn passed away at 61.
Ellis Mecham passed away at 74.
Elwood Williams passed away at 94.
Morgan High announcer Jeff Reeves to leave as the announcer of the Trojans. He will still be the voice of the Utah Buzz and Weber State University Football games.
Elder Mark Anderson was called to serve in the Australia Melbourne West Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Elder Jason Nelson was called to serve in the England Leeds Mission.
Jim (now Morgan Mayor) and Kathy Egbert  were called to serve as CES Coordinators in the Australia Brisbane Mission.
DeWayne Leak passed away at the age of 82.
A brushfire burning on private property in Mountain Green was successfully contained
Tuesday, October 25.
The Lady Trojan volleyball team won Region.
The Trojan football team starts their state playoffs against the Emery Spartans on Friday at home.
The Morgan WBBA broke ground on improvements to the ball park.
12 year old Riley Johnston bowled at 269 at Parkside Lanes. The highest score ever bowled by someone that age at the center. He had ten strikes in a row during the game.