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Morgan Valley Memories - The Way it Was

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


In the 1920’s Leo Carter operated a Texico Service station on the corner of State street and 700 East, in North Morgan. In this station he also stalked some candy items from 1 cent a piece to 5 cents each. At times when you had a penny, nickel or dime, you could find some children visiting Leo’s to buy a treat. There were two gas pumps one with regular gas, and the other with Ethel. 

This service station serviced those who passed by on the old highway road, before the interstate was built. The service station was owned by Jr. Tippits. His son operated it just prior to Leo Carter. Later it was operated by Shurl Looslie and and Mack Peterson. Until it was purchased along with a small lunch counter at the service station on 700 East and the home that still stands on the corner (The rock home on the corner referred to as the Victorian House) purchased by Dean and Myrtle Rock in 1948.  They later sold both properties to Robert Walker and since then it’s been in several other owners hands.  The cost of gas at Leo’s was 10 cents a gallon at the pump back then.  The earliest memory Dean can remember for the price of gas was 19 cents a gallon at Tuckers Service station. 


Thank You to Dean Rock for submitting his Morgan Valley Memories and Pictures this week.

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