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Morgan Valley Memories - Morgan Businesses and Commercial St. as it used to be

Article Date: 
27 January, 2012 (All day)

First National Bank, owner Herbert Crouch, later owned by Gilbert Francis;

Food sales include:  

• Tom Fry Meat Market, owner Tom Fry

• Brent Heiner’s Café, owner Brent Heiner (best hamburgers and homemade pies); 

• Parkinson’s Grocery, owner Fred Parkinson.

Car Sales and Repair/ Service Stations Include:  

• Olsen’s Garage, owner Sheldon (Jack) Olsen, Secretary Marion Harames;

•  Tucker’s Cabins and Service Station, owner Golden (Dode) Tucker;

•  Curt Roger’s Service Station, later apartments;

•  Heiner’s Livery Stables, owner Hamner Heiner; later Heiner’s Garage, Owner John Heiner Sr., sons John Jr., Vance, Leo, Rex

Clawson Hotel and Showhouse, Owner Moroni Clawson, later it became the Vallis Hotel, Owners Virgil and Zelphia Stewart. The Vallis Theater was operated by Milton Fry, Ingles and Glenn (Torp) Butters. The theater was named by Viola Porter Whitesides and Mable Walsh.

Various other businesses on Commercial Street include:  Dad Perry’s News Office, children:  Walt, Ken and Glenda. Later it became the Post Office; Peck’s Blacksmith Shop later it became Tonk’s Blacksmith then Hall’s Blacksmith.

On the side street from A.W. Francis:  

• Barber Shop, owner Irvin Butters which later became a Dr. McKinnon’s Dentist Office

• The Stuart Hotel was run my Orlie Stuart’s mother and was later run by Frank Ulrich’s mother-in-law, Mrs Hayes. Then it became Curt Roger’s Apartments

•  Shoe shop, owner Roscoe Brough

• Bottle Works, owner Laurel Rock, it later became The Thackery Bottle works, and then Johnson’s Cleaners

• Undertaker Parlor, owner Bob Welch which later became the Library, Telephone Office


On the side street from Post Office:

• Show House run by Burt Williams

• Con Wagon Machinery run by George Taggart which later became the Valley Implement

• Blacksmith ship run by Jessie Little

• Livery Stable – John Creager

• Fire Station

• Carrigan Motors – Russ Carrigan and Roy Maxwell


North side of State Street:

• Pea and Kraut Factory, owners Jim and Joe Anderson. Some workers include Ed Anderson, Harold Guild, Charles Fry, Bill Eddington, Acy Welsh, Charles Stewart, Dick Stewart

• Clark’s Feed and Seed

• Fry’s Flour Mill, owner Richard Fry which later became Eddington’s Feed Store, owner Grant Eddington and then Dale Pingree’s Feed Store

Middleton’s Drapies was located where the Studio 1 business is now located.