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Morgan Valley Memories - Morgan Businesses and Commercial St. as it used to be

Article Date: 
20 January, 2012 (All day)

Morgan has seen a lot of businesses come and go from 1922 to the present. Morgan used to be a flourishing place for businesses. 

Here’s a list of the following businesses that resided in Morgan, what they started out as, and when they changed ownership. If any of you have pics of old time commercial street, or pictures of businesses in Morgan please send them in to the Morgan County News.

On the far corner of Commercial Street heading towards Como Springs was The J.W. Williams & Sons; Grocery & Variety Store.  There were grocery’s on one side, with toys and jewelry and fabric on the other side, the store was a 3 story variety department store, with something for everyone. Owners were the Williams family- Dan Williams, Bert Williams, Joe Williams Sr., Joe Williams Jr. , and Fay Eliza Williams.  The store was also bought later by Hamula’s and called Hamulas Grocery Store, and then later purchased and called Roger’s Grocery Store. The store location now has Morgan Physical Therapy & Fitness in the building.

Other businesses on Commercial Street and Morgan included:

Morgan Drug Store, (which is still in existence today).

Dr. Abbotts Office, later it was bought by Marion Carter Fisher and turned into “Marion’s Beauty Shop.”

There was a pool hall, called “Laurel Rocks Pool Hall”, owned by Laurel Rock. Later it was called “Rocks Root Beer Stand.” It was then turned into a Café called “Frank Smith’s Cafe,”  owned by Frank Smith, with Murel Little and Mable Welsh as cooks.

There was Daisy’s Dress Shop, owned by Daisy Crouch, later owned by Beulah Butters and Bobby Bertouch.  

There was the Bob Durrant Café, owned by Bob Durrant, and later owned by Don and Verna Durrant.  

There was Western States Utilities, which then changed hands to “Western Auto”,  owned by Rollie Robinson. The next business in the building was called “Rulon Scott Auto Parts”, and had Irvin Butters Barber Shop and Marion’s Beauty Shop in the back.

Other businesses in Morgan included The Golden Rule Store, J.C. Penny’s Store, Parkinson’s General Store, Butter’s General Store owned by Earl Butters and Farrell Brooks, Doyle Tucker’s Store, Palmers Market, and a Video Store.  

A.W. Francis Store, with Dr. Visick’s office upstairs, The Post Office (which used to be on commercial street) which was later Stewarts Pool Hall, and later Lynn’s Sportique. 

There was Johnson’s Cleaners, Dickson’s Barber Shop, Boss Graham Café, , Later owned by Vergil (Buzzy) Stewart and Zelpha Toone Stewart and called “Buzzys” and “Stewarts”. Reed Farmer Welsh worked there for 43 years. Mable Welsh worked their for 32 years.  

These are only a few of the businesses from the past to the present.  

More Morgan Valley Memories and Businesses that were in existence will be continued in next week’s paper. Thank you to Mable Welsh for submitting her Morgan Valley Memories. If any of you have any pictures or memories of Morgan or old time Morgan Valley Memories, please submit to or bring it into our office.