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Morgan Valley Memories for Dec. 23, 2011

Article Date: 
23 December, 2011 (All day)

Sheep Herding Memories 


Submitted by Floreine Glas about Charley Pentz


I wanted to share some stories and memories from  Charley Pentz.

He told me about time he was hauling hay, his elevator was up Lost Creek, and all his boys were busy with sheep and other stuff, his sister Jewell’s young boys helped him. He said he got up on the truck load of hay and pitched it all off onto his haystack for them, with a pitch fork. 

He said them boys couldn’t believe him being 74 years old and being able to do that. He was always a hard worker. When Charley was 6, dad bought a herd of sheep from some Richins guy up in Henefer. Charley and his brother Gene drove the sheep from there to Stoddard.  Charley’s dad paid Paul Lyons to follow in a team and wagon. 

Charley and Gene herded them sheep in the hills behind the house in Stoddard, and would have to bring them in at night and put them in the field, because coyotes were so bad. After school started Charley’s dad hired George Preece to herd them. One night the coyotes killed 30 sheep.  Charley’s dad fired George Preece. George had only worked for a couple of days, and didn’t get paid, because he hadn’t done what he was supposed to do, and keep the coyotes from eating the sheep.

The next year the sheep were resold back to the Richins for $16.00 a head. Gene and Charley drove them back to the other side of Henefer. While dad had the sheep, some people came by to sell Dad a sheep dog. The guys showed Dad what the dog would do, so dad would give them $50 for the dog. 

When Charley and Gene drove them sheep back up there to Echo Canyon, the guy kept the dog, and wouldn’t give him back. Dad never did get the dog.

Thank you to Floreine Glas, for sharing her memories.