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Morgan Valley Memories

Article Date: 
8 June, 2012 (All day)

The Shoshone and Ute Indians made Richville their home during the summer time. For the most part they were friendly and the pioneers shared with them. Some of the journals say, “As they would ride through the area the scalps could be seen hanging about them. These scalps were from other tribes of Indians and not from white men.” 
The story is told of the Sons of Billa going into the hills to gather acorn nuts for the pigs. As they were gathering the nuts, an old Indian began chasing them with his tomahawk in hand. The older boys were able to out run him, but John Henry (Jack as he was known)  could not run fast enough to keep out of the reach. The older boys got home and were worried about how to explain that their younger brother was not with them. To their surprise he was already home; they asked, “How did you beat us home?” Jack said, “A man picked him up and carried me home.” The family wondered if this may have been one of the three Nephites talked about in The Book of Mormon.