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Morgan Pretzelmaker knot a typical opening day

Article Date: 
20 September, 2013 (All day)

 “This was our busiest opening we’ve ever had,” said Blane Smith, owner of the Morgan Pretzelmaker location as well as 16 others throughout Utah and surrounding states.   This is Smith’s first Pretzelmaker outside of a mall and the first in a small town, which brings a lot of unknown possibilities and excitement. 
“It was crazy good!” Morgan Pretzelmaker Manager Karen Tucker said enthusiastically of opening day.    She is extremely excited for the opportunity to manage the new store.   
The first day the new Pretzelmaker was open they served up over 600 pretzels and pretzel bites, surpassing expectations.  Typically a new Pretzelmaker is driven by mall traffic; however the Morgan location is driven by the “excitement of the town.”  That excitement was Smith and Tucker’s favorite part of opening day.  Tucker was thrilled to see people she hasn’t seen in a long time.  Smith was happy to see fellow Morgan residents coming into the store excited for the new location.   
Making people happy is one of Smith’s favorite parts of his job.  Some customers came back two or three times in one day, proving that the new pretzel shop definitely made people happy.  
Quickly learning the art of twisting and tying pretzels, Tucker says she dreams about making pretzels in her sleep.  Friday she learned quickly that the ovens are hot and had several burn marks on the top of her arms as proof of that lesson.  By Monday she felt she was getting the hang of it but still learning tricks to knotting the bread.
“Their products are wonderful,” Karen said as she worked dough before opening the store for the day.  Twenty years of experience have helped them create high quality products.  The delicious twists and bites are made with yeast dough instead of frozen, which they feel makes a difference in the quality of their menu items.  
Opening day brought a steady stream of excited customers under a steady stream of rain.  Well-known local resident Jerry Peirce waited in patient anticipation for the last few touches of the new store to order his pretzels.  As he walked away from the cash register with his pretzels, he gave out a cheer for himself as the first customer.  The store was filled with Morgan residents ready for their own pretzels and the shop stayed busy throughout the day and evening.  
Saturday brought Smith’s favorite helpers—his 10 grandchildren.  The little ones, who had helped prepare the store for opening, spent the day washing windows and wiping tables.  
Pretzelmaker is located at 30 North State Street and is ready to serve up fresh delicious snacks and meals Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m., or later for some special events such as football games.