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Morgan mother of six, graduates from WSU

Article Date: 
16 December, 2011 (All day)


Sonia Pentz  of Morgan walked across the stage at Weber State University with high honors.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She graduated on December 9, 2011.  It was a family effort, and not only did Sonia get awarded with her Diploma, but her children and husband also received an honorary diploma. 

Sonia is married to Troy Pentz of Croydon, and she is the  proud mother of eight children.  She grew up in Uruguay for the first 23  years of her life. 

She met Troy Pentz in Uraguay in 1989. Troy was serving a mission for the LDS church, and he brought her into the church.  She moved to the United States of America to marry Troy on Sept. 26th, 1992.   She wanted to finish a formal education so went and attended Weber State University, studying Fine Arts. They had seven kids when Sonia decided to go back. 

When asked her motive and how important education is in her life, and how she did it, in spite of the many busy responsibilities of motherhood, she replied, “How I finished school, since many people think I’m super woman, with eight children, and trying to finish my education? I want to tell you a little about my background and why it was so important, and why I value it.” 

“I learned some important lessons from my past, and from a best friend in Uraguay named Laura. I grew up in one of the many military dictatorships in Latin America. It lasted for 12 years, I was 4 years old when it started, and I thought it was normal for a president to use uniforms, that it was normal to ask permission to the authorities to even have a birthday party. Life was just fine and peaceful for my family, that was until my best friend Laura decided to talk.” Sonia said, “I remember our conversation very clear. My friend was very upset, when I asked her why, she said that she was almost born in jail, and that her mother was a political prisoner, and told me I was lucky! She told me about her dad being tortured and her parents struggle, because both parents couldn’t work because the government took their license away. She then looked at me and said, ‘you don’t know anything do you?’ That rhetoric question always stayed on my mind. I didn’t know anything,” stated Sonia.  I found out after the fact there is a direct connection between the amount of control that a dictator or an individual could have over you and your level of education. 

 This is why education is so important to me!” Being a mom and getting a great education is like eating an elephant, Pentz said, “it’s one bite at a time.” One day at a time any goal can be accomplished!