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Morgan mom featured for reality tv

Article Date: 
27 April, 2012 (All day)

Just when it seems that only negative headlines prevail, business corruption is increasing and a ‘survival of the fittes’t mindset seems the reality of the world, Salt Lake City RIGS brings the refreshing and sometimes surprising hope that perhaps we are getting some things right after all. 

The Fab Five and McKenna Zentner proved talent and hard work make fascinating subjects for reality television. Local businesswoman and author will be showcased for her trucking company, and it’s believed her story, too, will go viral. 

The proud mother of three children, entrepreneur Bridget Cook has assisted more than two dozen start-up companies, and become a popular author. Her books have been seen on Oprah, Dr. Phil, CNN, Good Morning America, and in People magazine. Shattered Silence and Living Proof made national bestsellers in 2009 and 2011, respectively. However, as a co-author who has invested tremendous time and energy, she’s not exactly become wealthy from her efforts. 

“Sometimes you work your guts out for a long time with minor results,” admits Bridget, “but because you love what you do and you love the people you connect with, you do it anyway. It’s a miracle to me how things are suddenly taking off! I’m grateful to a number of folks in Morgan County who have believed in me and shown their support to my family in a thousand different ways.”

In late 2007, Bridget’s friend Eric Gibbons inspired an idea. “You’re really good at making other people rich and famous,” he told Bridget. “Why not put our heads together and build something amazing?” Beginning as a one-truck wonder, EMH Transportation now runs several trucks throughout Utah and 11 western states. Bridget says that’s due to Eric, his father, ‘Hoss’ Gibbons, other members of their trucking family and their incredible staff. 

“We started EMH on a wing and a prayer, about three minutes before the economy fell,” laughs Bridget, “but it made us a leaner, more focused company. It also made us intensely grateful for everything we’ve created. We’re based on the concept of GENSHAI, which essentially means to hold every person in their excellence—even yourself.  That means customers and even those some might view as competitors.” Bridget, who often speaks to large audiences about the inspirational stories she writes, was invited to California in January by another Utahn, Kevin Hall (author of bestselling book, Aspire!).  There Bridget shared the stage with Thurl Bailey, Chad Hymas, Immaculée Ilibagiza and many inspirational people speaking about Genshai. Excitedly, she shared with producer and new friend Rand Snyderman her trucking company’s unique philosophy.

“I’m used to people’s mouths dropping open when I mention EMH,” says Cook. “But I didn’t know that this man from New Jersey and his business partner Craig Golin—another famous producer from California—had been searching for over three years for the perfect trucking company to showcase the ‘last American cowboy’ in a hit television series.” At first she was unsure, having no desire to make her drivers look like idiots, as she’d witnessed on some other reality shows. 

“My guys are dedicated family men. Every member of our staff is super-hard-working, so I wouldn’t consider anything unless it showcased their professionalism.” Local driver Dave Nichols from Peterson is an indication of the caliber of employee EMH enjoys. The producers reassured Bridget that they intended to invoke memories of a time when truck drivers were the first to stop on the road to help, and to remind viewers that most product in stores has been delivered by truck drivers.  What struck a most joyful chord within her is that they intended to bring a message of hope.

“Of course, we WILL show the sense of humor that’s essential in the trucking industry!” chuckled Laurie Olsen, a local producer from Alpine. “Believe me, there is no lack of drama, humor, and quirky personalities at EMH!  However, what I love about this show is the hope it portrays to the human soul of America.  A new revolution is taking place in our hunger to bring back values, morals, character and ethics to an even higher standard than before. In the spirit of cooperation and possibility, we are seeing a rebuilding and rejuvenation of good character and with that, good business practices!  What EMH and others stand for is a new level of excellence through our human imperfections and often in spite of them!”

Apparently there can be great fun in the perfection of our human imperfections… Remember Dukes of Hazard? A Waylon-Jennings-type country-music legend and deejay on Sirius XM radio by the name of Dallas Wayne produced an upbeat title song for the show, entitled, “Salt Lake City Rigs…a Rollin’.” Students from BYU and other universities participated in a national logo design contest.

All of this will launch the “sizzle” Salt Lake City Rigs, recently shot at EMH’s location and on the road, ready to pitch by June of 2012.  The producers plan to post the sizzle on YouTube in mid-May, to gather feedback that wets the whistle of network television. 

“This show is worthy of a major network,” declared Rand. “There is so much fun flavor to EMH and to Salt Lake City!” Stay tuned. We’ll let you know what to watch for – and to vote for on YouTube! For now, keep a’rollin…