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Morgan Middle School art goes to Japan

Article Date: 
14 October, 2011 (All day)


Middle School art teacher Steve Carrigan went to Japan a few years back for an art convention. He there met a Japanese artist who was looking for international art to share with her students. It was there that inspired Carrigan to have his students submit their art work to Japan, drawing themes that the Japanese artists would send to him. 

This year’s theme for the exhibition was “Smile”.

Morgan Middle School Students created art work that is centered around the concepts of the smile.” explained Art Instructor,Steven Carrigan.

“The winning students put smiles,”Carrigan listed,” on a large baseball; two sisters riding grandpa’s horse; a little niece with new front teeth; plate of food arranged in a smiley face; a ballerina dancing; a camping trip; a hand drawing artwork on a sketch pad; the monkey, George; two sisters enjoying sports together; Sponge Bob, and three football players doing a high five.” Usually its ten pieces of art that goes to Japan, they are sending eleven. This year it was close competition,”the judges couldn’t determine the better one out of the last two.” stated art instructor.

 The work is sent to Japan where it becomes the property of the children’s exhibit and is used in school displays, community showings, and even rented for use in private homes. In a few weeks, Japan will be sending some of their students art.