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Morgan Middle School “Mathletes” Do Well at State Competition

Article Date: 
13 May, 2011 (All day)


Morgan Middle School took ten 7th graders and ten 8th graders to the state math competition last month and the results are back.  All 20 students scored in the top 50% of those participating in the state competition.  Special congratulations are given to Jenna Carter, Elizabeth Preslar, Shad Boswell, Elizabeth Peterson, Courtney Fairbourn, Dietrich Streuber, and Daryion Stuart for scoring in the top 25%.  Our students did great considering we were competing with all schools participating this year no matter their size. 

There were approximately 159 schools in the statewide competition.  The contest was held at Utah Valley University with the top ten students in each grade of each school competing in an amazingly difficult test.  The test took the students between two to three hours to take and included all higher level reasoning problems.  Congratulations to our 20 students who represented our Middle School in an awesome performance.

Congratulations go to the Morgan Middle School Mathletes.