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Morgan High says ‘Au revoir” to Madame Judd

Article Date: 
25 July, 2014 (All day)

After 27 years instructing students at Morgan High School, Nancy Judd retired and students and fellow teachers wish her bon voyage or good journey for her future.  
To the hundreds of students in French I, French II and French III she instructed over almost three decades, she was known as Madame Judd.  
Judd was inspired with the French language when she began learning it at school in the fifth grade.  After that introduction, her school no longer taught the foreign language, but she didn’t want to stop learning.  She continued her studies outside of school with a friend.  The duo took private lessons until high school.  
In addition to foreign language, she also taught students visual art skills.  Art Foundations, painting, drawing, calligraphy and many other classes gave students an appreciation and proficiency in art.  
Judd taught for three years at Hillcrest High in early 1972.  After some time off she went back to teaching when her youngest daughter went to kindergarten in 1986.  They built a home in Wanship and she found a job at Morgan High, where she stayed for the rest of her teaching career.
“My mother was a teacher and I just wanted to teach,” Judd explained of her inspiration for teaching.  Judd watched her mom’s high school teaching career and knew she wanted to do the same. While her mother taught home economics classes, Judd’s love of French and art made her teaching pathway clear.  
The passion for teaching must run in their family as two of Judd’s four daughters have carried on the tradition of working as educators.  
“I liked working with the kids,” she enthused.  
The seasoned teacher found instructing students very rewarding.  Watching students excel at the French Fair, win in Sterling Scholar or be showcased at an art show was always rewarding for the teacher who enjoyed helping in extracurricular activities.  Judd feels that students excelled based on their own hard work; however, she enjoyed being part of it. She knows that for many students, achieving these goals are things they will remember the rest of their lives.
While all of the extracurricular activities were gratifying, she particularly enjoyed the French Club.  
“All we did was party!” The club members participated in fun activities including cooking, singing and dancing to enjoy learning and practicing aspects of the French language and culture.  “I really enjoyed it and the kids enjoyed it!” Judd explained.  The French Club would occasionally give service; however the leader admitted the focus was fun!
“I will miss it,” Judd said of teaching so many years.  “There are lots of good kids at Morgan.”
She has many great memories.  However Judd will not miss grading students work.  She loved teaching and working with her kids but didn’t enjoy grading.  She knows she is not alone and feels that most teachers do not like this aspect of their line of work. 
Judd particularly relishes her relationships with the faculty of Morgan High.  She feels that everyone has the same goals:  to help the students succeed. The long-time MHS teacher found that every time the staff got together, they had fun.  “I’m going to miss that,” Judd said as she is leaving her teaching career.  She knows she would not have enjoyed teaching for 27 years without the great associations and connections she had with the staff.  
With over quarter of a century of teaching Morgan High School students French and art, Judd has many fond memories but is excited to move on. 
“My life is finally my own,” Judd said celebrating her new step in life.
Judd and her husband, who also is retired, recently returned from Ohio, where they visited family.  She has enjoyed spending time with her grandkids, sewing, painting and many other favorite activities.  The newly retired teacher has already packed in a lot of fun, however she says retirement doesn’t feel real yet since she typically has summer vacation along with the students.  When contemplating what she is going to do Judd declares, “Anything I want!” 
She has always enjoyed when her past students are called on LDS French-speaking missions and she feels a mission may be in her future; however, more immediately she plans to travel the country and visit her family. 
Good luck and we hope you enjoy retirement, Madame Judd!
Je vous souhaite de passer une bonne et heureuse retraite!