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Morgan High School Class of ‘46 Reunites

Article Date: 
18 June, 2010 - 06:00


Picture:  The Class of Morgan High School 1946 at their reunion. Top row, left to right, Ivan Carter, Reed Wilde, Val H. Carter, Thelda Creager Pomeroy, Paul Porter, Dixie Dickson Porter, Rulon Cordell Scott, Fred Thurston, Jean Thurston, Abbott Mikesell, Nancy Mikesell, and Paul Warner.  Bottom row, left to right, Burton Lewis, Ludene Carter, Laural Nelsen, Camille Fry Wilde, Barbara Francis Gustaveson, Betty Randall Rose, Beverly Francis Bond, Barbara Bowen Lewis, Beverly Poll Warner, and Barbara Miller Rhodes. 
On June 4, 2010, the class of Morgan High School 1946 met at the spacious and beautiful home of Ivan and LuDene Carter for our annual class reunion and banquet.  Sixteen from the class and five spouses attended.  We celebrated another year with a delightful meal catered by Susan Carter Pink and Melanie Nichols Carter.
Reed Wilde offered the blessing on the food in which he blessed us also. At sometime during this year we will all be 82. So us young folks we’ll need all the prayers we can get! Our meal was served by granddaughters Madeline and Aubrey Carter, which included the best strawberry shortcake ever.
Val Carter surprised us with a DVD made up of pictures taken from our yearbook and shown on a computer screen, so we oohed and aaahed a lot. Who were those young, handsome and beautifully young girls and boys? So young. Did I mention they were young? We really were in our prime, so to speak. It was good to remember we didn't always have a "hitch in our git-along". 
Roy Thackerey had sent a DVD he made of himself, his home, and the scenic ranch on which he lived and raised a family. It certainly was a splendid ranch and interesting how it was organized and operated. 
We thought it of interest, that at the time, we were the largest class to go through the school system. In 3rd grade we had 3 classes all over 30 students. By the time we were seniors our numbers dwindled to 58.
We have always felt we were a close class and that we mattered to one another. Some expressed the opinion that the war may have made a difference. We were war children,-WWII Veterans! Our lives were greatly impacted by the war. Some of our young men enlisted in the service, some were drafted, some married because of the war, others quit school to work in defense plants, etc. The world was at war and we felt it keenly. We supported and loved all those classes ahead of us also, as our trials were the same. God Bless America!