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Morgan girl becomes queen of Ogden

Article Date: 
4 April, 2014 (All day)

Nineteen-year-old Rachel Halverson of Morgan has earned many titles, has worn numerous crowns and sashes and on March 29 she earned one more title she has worked diligently to obtain.  
After a full day of competition, Halverson was crowned Miss Rodeo Ogden at the Timbermine restaurant.  She began her day at 5 a.m. getting ready for breakfast at the Posse House, then off to interviews at the America First Building.  
Horsemanship was held at the Golden Spike arena. The events at the Timbermine didn’t just involve awards and festivities.  While there was plenty of that, the contestants also had to impress the judges with poise and knowledge in the speeches and impromptu questions.  
“They could ask anything,” Halverson explained.  She has to stay up-to-date on current events by reading ProRodeo Sports News (PSN) and other literature to prepare for the different questions the judges might ask. “The more you know, the better prepared you are.”  
From National Dodge Rodeo location controversy, to college rodeo athletes attempting to unionize, Halverson came prepared to share thoughtful, educated responses.  
When she was announced as the winner, Halverson began to cry because she was so happy; it reminded her of how happy she was when she won her title in Morgan.  
“It’s an honor,” Halverson said.  She knows the importance of the Ogden Rodeo. With a strong history, Ogden is famous for hosting a great rodeo and generously rewarding the riders.  
 She was awarded an Ogden crown and a saddle, both of which she was thrilled with. But the prize she collected that meant the most to her was a scholarship to Weber State University. 
Halverson is currently a student at Weber State University and is completing her generals.  She works as a CNA at Family Tree in Morgan, where she was selected as employee of the month in March.  She plans to continue her studies in radiology, which will be much easier with scholarship money.  
After the thrill of the night, Halverson celebrated by going home and going to sleep.  She laughs that maybe she should have done something else; however, after a full day of top performance, this cowgirl was ready to hit the hay.  
This isn’t Rachel’s first rodeo.  She recently earned the title of Miss Rodeo Hooper where she wore a crown worth $10,000 with real rubies and sapphires.  It was a heavy crown she happily wore.  Hooper and Ogden are two of the many contests around the state that are open to residents and nonresidents. 
Halverson has abundantly represented Morgan in our local royalty, which is a closed contest open only to Morgan residents.  
“My mom and dad are my biggest fans,” Halverson said.  Her parents have supported her through the years of contests.  She jokes that her dad, Kent, supports her with his check book, while her mom, Robyn, helps her prepare for each event.  From fixing her hair to drilling her with questions, Robyn is there every step of the way.   
“They are always helping with every little thing they can,” Halverson said gratefully.  They have traveled the state with her supporting her in high school rodeos and all the other contests she has participated in.  Often she would compete in two contests a week. 
Halverson looks forward to participating in the Miss Rodeo Utah contest this year, where she was crowned third attendant last year. However, it is a strict contest and she doesn’t enjoy being cut off from the support of her family for a week.  This young girl knows the value of a supportive family.  
In addition to the support her family gives her, Halverson is grateful to Pat Scholberg for allowing her to use his horse.  He has generously allowed her to ride Pepper, a horse she now feels a special relationship with and enjoys riding.  She is also appreciative of the support Jeff Wadman and Mack Weaver have given her helping with her horse and riding techniques.  
In addition to the two lessons a week, she spends every free minute at Graceland.  Even with her busy schedule, she is looking forward to representing Ogden at various events this year.
Those outside of the Rodeo Queen circuit might assume that these super competitive contestants might not get along with each other but in reality, the girls become friends with each other as they see each other at event after event.  Halverson is always excited to spend time with her attendants, who she knows from high school rodeos.  These local competitors show real class as they help each other.    
Halverson exemplifies this class and was selected as Miss Congeniality for the second year in a row.  She was given a crystal vase for this award that was voted on by the other girls she was competing against.
Congratulations, Rachel, on your new title and all of your success!