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Morgan Empowered "It All Starts With Me"

Article Date: 
15 October, 2010 - 06:00

Me?  Yes you!  It all starts with ME!   That is the theme of Morgan Empowered...”It all starts with ME!”
   Have you noticed the rising generation doing positive things around you?  Have you spent some one-on-one  time with them?  If not, you could be missing out on something great.  Your sphere of influence can be immeasurable.  Knowing this, Morgan Empowered is inviting the community to reach out and “connect with a youth” during the month of October.
    Where to begin?  Start with your own children and/or grandchildren, and then extend yourself to other children or teenagers with whom you feel impressed to “connect”.  Give encouragement, praise, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a shoulder to lean on!  The possibilities are endless!
     Read The Morgan County News for each new monthly “Morgan Empowered Community Challenge.”   Watch for our community challenge reminders posted on our supporting community business marques!  Quarterly school newsletters will also remind us of each month’s “Empowering Our Youth” themes!  As our efforts become united,  and we reach out in personal ways, our community will continue to build and grow in positive ways.
     In today’s world filled with tragedies, we can find triumph.  In our world of problems, there are solutions.  In a world of challenges, there can be conquering.  Have you ever heard yourself saying, “That’s terrible.  Someone really needs to do something about that!”  Well, we’re here to say, that someone is YOU!    So remember this month to  connect with a youth.  It really does start with ME!