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Morgan Elementary Letters to Santa

Article Date: 
17 December, 2010 - 06:00

Dear Santa,
I would like for Christmas is a metal detector the reason I want that so I can find metal in the snow. I also want a hug from you  why you ask? Just cause. A lego king dom I want that because it gets my mind going. Merry Christmas. p.s. put Molly P on the nauty list.
from Tucker

Dear Santa
I want A set of coloring charkles for cristmas becas I like Art and I like to Paint But I Im to yung to oile Paint So I Thoght I could get Charkle,
Thank you love Sam

Dear Santa,
I want… a map so I could tell where places are at. A tv for my bedroom. I want slippers because I want to keep my feet warm. Books because I’ve read all the books in my house for Christmas I want a vacation to disney world! For Christmas I want a dog because I don’t have a house dog. For Christmas I want a key to open the house if I’m locked out.
Love, Ryder

Dear Santa.
I want to meet Talour Swift because that’s my dream to meet her. I want also tickets to Disny world because my hole life I wanted to go thre. I want a sighn that says no boys allowed because my bother comes in my room it drives me crazy. I want some fish because I bin wanting some when I lost my others. That’s all I want on this list
Merry Christmas
PS. I want a horse

Dear Santa Clause,
What Iwant for Christmas is a snapcircuts Rover. I want it because I want a series of the Snap Circuts stuff to have more stuff to do with.  For my stocking stuff I want a Nerf Mavrick. (clear) 2. Ear buds 3. A Lego Creater set (mini) 4. Any kind of Lego set. (under $20)
Cincearly, Dexter

Dear Santa,
I want a Colage football B.Y.U.  I want a BYU football because I like there football team. I’v never had it. P.S. I like to play football!!!!
From. Blake

Dear Santa Claws.
What I want for cristmas is a cat so my mom can name it Bill Mory I also want a new sled so I can have enoph sleds for the whole family to sled.
Love Emily

I want to have a Poket nife So I can go hunting With my dad. What I want camru So I can take potos.

Dear Santa claus I wont for Christmas is chresher chest but I don’t won’t it wooden be cuz I don’t won’t to get sliver’s in my scin
I no you are the best I love this holluday! I won’t also want for Christmas is Halo Reach

Dear Santa,
I want Woddy and Buzz lightyear Be cause i have nothing to do. I want a Ds game it is Supper Sonic.

Dear Santa Claus, I would like a nerf chain gun because there so fast and they shoot 50 darts

Dear Santa,
I want a toy santa, pillow pet, scoter, Dispiciblme movie, because I have allways wanted these toys. Dispicibleme I relly want that movie cause some of my cousiens have that movie and I don’t have that movie. The scoter I haven’t had one befor. The pillowpet my cousin has one. My friend has toy santa.

 Dear Santa,
I whant a A.t.At. walker beacouse I tink it would be fun to build oh ya a Lego one. And also you build battle shilp. And Maden 11 wii that would be fun to play. Also a sled to then I could go sleding it would be the coolest. That’s all I want for christmas but if I know eney more I’ll write you anoter letter.
From Alex P.   P.S. I also whant a d.s. That’s all.

Dear santa. I want a motorcycle for christmas. And a reamote cuntroll truck that can go on snow and dirt and up hills. I want those things caues I never add them beafor. I am back. I want a motorcycle beacaues there fun and the reamot control truck is fun too.
Love Kaden

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a ds cause they are fun to play. I want a horse so I can go horseback riding. A puppy cause their fun to play with
Love   Blakelee

 Dear Santa,
I want you  to stop making present this is way you get all the credit but when it wnelle is Jessees you need to stop now if your really realleye a note.

Dear Santa,
I want to hared shawl and pokitnch and a fyfamicy. And a chichihs and a utahutaus de cas I love Utah
Dear santa what I wuant for crismas I want halo reach for srismis and anow Ds.

Dear Santa,
I have wanted a D.S. and I will have friends and own houses. I wand a dog. Dogs are the best pets. We love you Santa and I have never had a D.S. and a dog a house good by
Love Kelly

Dear santa I what for chriscmas is amaracgril doll I what that biecuse I bin whating fhat aboot a nol time. I also want baby alive doll that you can feed her food and you can let her drink appol juse. I what that biecas I seen it at the store and then I what the barbbex areplanethe end
From Lexey

Dear Santa,
I want a xBox360 and hallorech new wii games and a four a weller and a dert bike tire

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. I woud like a web kin. And a zoo zoo pet. And a  amarikin girl boll Elizadeth. Ow and Santa can you make shoy that I get nelly the amarik gril boll back. You zee my gramas dog chood on it and it went to the amaridan gril doll hospital. And my mom said that nelly would not be back in time for Chrismas. So please make shoury the she is back in time for Christmas.
Love Emma

Dear Santa
I wunt pokemonanb a taklbox. I hope uor ride is saf. You’r grat.
I love you
You’r frend Josh

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. I play with them a lot. You are the best. For Christmas I want a stuffed teddy baer. Christmas is the best because you leave presents for everyone. Thank you Santa.
Your friend,
Sydni G

Dear Santa,
I have one of your Elf’s at my house his name is Elfy he flys to the North Pole and he tells you all abut us.
Love Kenliegh J
Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me you give me cool stuf. When christmas comes is it hard to be on time. the last chirmast I hreard your feetsteps. I almost got out of my bed because it was so excited what kind of cookies? do you like?
Love Samantha

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is fashion boots. And I want dip and dot maker or icecream maker. fashion material kit fashion clothes. Santa What is your favorite kind of cookies? What time do you go to dliverPrestn?
Your friend,
Denali J.

Thank you for all the presents you bring me. I have been good this year. I want a kareake oaky  magine, a horse for my doll Mary lynn, Cowgirl cloths for my doll May lynn, a ipod tuch, teacher stuff to play school.
Merry Christmas, Your freind,
Aubree M
Ps. Does Rudolph’s nose really light up?

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. I want an aquatic mouvabl animal set. I want a dongycong wii game in ds to. I want the game duck hunter at cabellus. Well that’s it and Merry Christmas.
Jackson W

Dear Santa,
I wood be thankful if you wood have a spietank and a helacaptr spie. You are so so nisces. He likes clof us. I kike santa please write back,
Love Brayden

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I woul like a stuffed cat with wings and a scooter one for Cambria, and one for Milton if he had lost his,
Your friend,
Kaitlyn F

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. Are you reall? I like you.
Carter E.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. A large motorcycle ples Santa, now thank you and the bigist Laow Set Now thank you for EVeEthaing.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. For Christmas I want a Ball and a game books XXox games.

Dear Santa,
Thank ou for all the present you bring me. I would like a lightsaver that lights up and a clone suit. A jedi ball.
Your friend
Jocob P
P.S. Right back

Dear santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. And when is your BirthDay? And will when it be christmas again? Why Does Rudolphs nose sine? Sorry santa I cant think of any thing ilts.
Love Brooklyn

Dea Santa,
I want a new coat and I want a toy Reindeer and a sled and a toy rock it. D you get sick? Do you like Christmas? and a toy Bell. I went a toy semi and a Rockit.
From Jacob W

Dear Santa
Thank you for all the Thing you do for us I em grafl you are here I love you and Miss claws
Your friend Taylor

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. Ma I have pokemon cards  Santa, and a Asto and do the ranbeer get sick Santa? Is one of your ranbeers rood olf? Santa, I like you so much and I want loo pokemon please santa, clos anio backogons I want the red back ogan please santa, clos
Frend gabe

Dear Santa,
Thank you for al the presents you bring me. I’v been wundering doesed wone of your rainderr has a red nose? You can just put it in one of my presents.
By Santa from Zach

Dear Santa,
Thank you for everything you do I wish you a merry Christmas thank you for all the pesents you bring me I wish you a happy new year,
Your friend Jared T

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me. I would like a remote cometroll two remote come troll tanks.
Your friend Cameron B

Dear Santa,
Merry Chrstmas You are kind to us. I hope you come around Bringing presents to thechilgrin. I like you
Your friend Taft

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you bring me do your reindeer get sick. And how do you get through all the cimnes in one night.
Your frinde Cheyenne

Dear Mr. C,
Thank you for everything. The elf you sent to me we named him Tincile. Last years Christmas was fun!!!! This Christmas I a hores not real ofcores, a la la loopsy doll blue hair, a hole gabige truck full of loo’ooos, cloase for my Amaracen girl doll and a bran new bike.

Dear Santa Clause
I was so gaud this year. This year I am going to leave carrots milk water and cookies. I Love Christmas it is my faivrit holaday cus I git presints from you. I won’t to tell you wate I wont for Christmas I will tell you wate I wwont for Christmas. I wont a horse and a little horse a cow and a cat and a dog.
From Tiffany

Dear Santa Claus,
I set out cookies and milk my mom makes the cookies every Christmas I wake-up I am so happy. I have been so good this year. I hope you have holly jolly Christmas. I love you so much. Merry Christmas
Love Brextyn

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a good Chrismas. I hope you get all the presents delivered. So you can go home and go back to sleep. I realy want a ipod and DS for Chrismas. Thankyou for all the hard work you do I will leave you milk and cookies.
From Kaylee W

          Dear Santa,
        Do you now that Jesus was     
          born on Christmas and that
         how Christmas started. Did
            you now that God never
            had a start.  I have been a
          good boy I want a elec
      trick steam train that has a set whithin and all steam train smokes. Ps and I want the wone that has the 8ff in it.
From Lucas

Thak you for all the presen you bring me. I love you Santa you’re the best Iknow you like to come around.
Your friend Trace

Dear santa clause,
Thank you for all of the toys you give the girls and boys. Last year I was glad to get two wedkins. I’m so glad of eaverything I get. This year I want my oan room, two stuffed animals and anything ellse you want to get me.  I’ve been a realy good kid this year, at home and at school. I hope the ether thing I said you can desid on for me is a realy good thing. Thank you for all of the children.
Sincerely, Katelynn P

Dear Santa Caus,
I want a pink zoo zoo pet. I’v been vary good- I been good in everything
Luve Madi

Dear Santa Claus,
Thankyou for Bringing Lego Star wars Presents. Thankyou for going to Lots of houses and bringing them Pesents With toys in them. Your very nice. I like your elfs to. And by the way you’re a very nice person.
By Joe Good Child

Dear Santa,
I want a semy, mony, and a pistl. PS. Mrs. Micfarlen said I am good in school.
From Waylen

Dere Santa Claus,
I wat A horse A dog A camera. A pelowpet. A pesol sopindel. I wish you have a grat Christmas. I bin a god grol.
Love Brynlee

Dear santa claus
Thank you for giving us presents and I Like last years presents for Chismas this year. I wunt a punching bag, a dirt bike a rick cavmichai hauler and a rocky toy.
From Tony

Dear Sana,
I Lovee The Nerf gan that you brot me last y. This yaer I wood like a air soft gun. Tank you, sinsirly
Isaac P.

Dear santa,
Thank yhou for the present last year. I will like a amercan gilr doll. You are nice because you giving me a present.
Love Alasha

Dear Santa,
I want a motlcitrl snowmowbill. An a apples to Apples. An tickickes to the Jass game to the gass and lakers. I hope you have a good Christmas,

Dear Santa Claus,
Thank you for the presents last year. I hope you have a good Christmas eve. I want a entedew dsi.
Thank you,
From Cruz

Dear Santa claus
I hop you have a good christmas. Dlivering presents to the gil and boys. I want a dress up for christmas.  I’ve ben good this year.
Love Nicole

Dear M.rC
thank you for lost years Chrismas I loved it. It was sowfun what I want for Christmas now is a gravty boll an a AtAtian a stampede, Nrif gan and a colerstoshon.
Love Blaise

Dear santa clauis
Thank you faur all the presents you gave me last year for christmas at my christmas and I gat a baby alive and this year I want a live puppy. And a real live toy car.
From Devra Ann

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a very mery Chrstmas. Thank you for lastyears presints. I have bin a good gilr this year. I would like a bunny zue-zuepet, the mrmade SOS kit books, a gumball mashin, and a wii game
Love Brooklyn F.
PS we have cookies, milk and carrots, thanks

Dear Santa,
For christmas i wojuld like a toy horse. I’m not talking about any horse. I’m talking about a big brown and white Paint. I have Three good reasons why you shood give me a horse.
First, I need this bekas I Downt have eny big horses.
Further more I have no big horses to play with sumbudy.
Last but not lest I only have one small horse to Play With.
I will do my chowrs wen my mom asks me. I will not fit with my sisters and brothers. I like your raindeer.
Your bowrd Friend,
Aaron  P.S. how do you clen your Sowt.

Dear Santa,
For Chrismas I would like a ipad. I would like the colors to be baby blue. I have thee great reasons wy you should get me this ipad. First of all I getting bored of hearing the same boring music. I need more fun music. Furthermore Iwon’t be bored in the car. I won’t have to listen to the raido.
Another reason is I would lnly pat the music my mom and dad would let me.
Last but not least I would try to keep my room clean. I really like those shiny black boots of yours.
Your bored froend Lynnaea

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would really like a doll. The doll’s name is Haily with brown hair and white fuzzy boots. I have a lot of reasons why I need this doll but I’m only going to tell you three.
One of the reasons is my mom tells me I have to hav it. My mom gets mad at me because I don’t have it.
Seacondly it will fillup my bed! My bed isn’t filled yet. Last but not least I need to start a collection! I have alotof collecions rocks money everything!
By the way I love that beard of yourse. I’ll clean my room for 2 years. P.S. how do you clean that beard of yours?
Sicerely, your sad lady Shailey

Dear santa for christmas I want make-up. I’m not taking little make-up. I want big make-up. I want big make-up. I have so many reson’s I need make-up. First of all I need it for compotion beouse my mom is weird.
Further more all my friends have make-up. I feel enberrest Last of all I want to play fashion Show but all I have is dresses I will send you a present I just want you to know I Love your snow white beard. P.s how do you clean your beard.
Your enberres freind Carsyn

Dear Santa,
I luv you.
From Chiara

Dear Santa,
For Chrismas I would like a dsiXL. I’m not talking about any old dsiXL I want a Maroon one. I have 20,000 resons heres three.
Fristofall I want myverryown vidogame. For example I’m bord. Everyone has one! Last but not least I’m depressed. It will enterain me. I’ll do anything! I like your hat.
Your bord frend Garrett PS is your fral name chriscringl

For christmas I’d like a Nintendo D.S. not a old nintend D.S.  I want a solver one with 3 games here are 3 awsome reasons.
My best reason is my brother stills my toys. I’m Bored. Further more it will keep me away from doing something. I’m NOT supost to and I’m NOT Supost to Do it. Also my friend has one. I thout it would Be fun if we would text bay your good at texting.
I’ll give my brother my Leapster
Your most goodest child
p.s. I really want it

Dear Santa,
for Christmas I want a stuffed animal kitty with bird wings. I love Christmas. I’ts my favorite holiday.  is  your favorite food mac and cheese Santa? Your freind Cambria

Dear Santa,
I want a nerf ax because my cat chud on it and it is like distrad now I hope you have a marry Chistmic Santa
From Jacob

Dear Santa,
I have been really good this year. And this is what I want for Christmas. Okay., here it goes. I want a camera and Rapuzels Fairytale tower. I  hope you have a great Christmas.
From Corinne

Dear Santa,
All I want for Chiristmas is a big snowglobe. Maybe one that plays music and a really cool one and one that plays more thn one song see I do want a really cool one. And one with a button that can change the the background.
From Elizabeth
Dear Santa
For Christmas I want a d.s. I have been good and bad. If you give me it please give me a fun game with it. I also want a Gameboy too. Please give me the game pokeymon. I want the green and read pokeymon game And if there is a new game of it I want it
Love Madylaine

Dear Santa,
I want a ipad for Christmas   Please Please all shase is with my borther and sister.
From Tavin
p.s. I’ve been very good This year. Ask MOM!

Dear santa,
Plec send me starwors gic roman nights. I will leve some carats for your ranedere

Dear sants: Hows ruddolph. I Hope He is fine. You are the Best. How fast Deos my electrick scooder go M.p.h.
I want a DSI and a fugiyi a puppy for majar. His name is going to Be major J.r.

Dear Santa:
How are all the elves and reindeer? What I want for Christmas is FiFA 2011 and mighty beans and snow bord. Mrry chistmas!!!!!

Dear santa:
How is Rudolph. What I want for Christmas is a DSi and a big Tv and a bird a cat and a day of from school and my mom Jen. To make coockies!!!

Dear Santa,
How your day can you please get me a ice cream maker and a cotton candy maker and a Justin Beber cd and a Justin beber doll and a real live puppy toy and a electric scooter. I’ll leave cookies
From Savannah

Dear Santa,
I Like you. I will believe in you for The rest of my life I hop I have ben being good I wood wont a remote control rscar A bildit set off road Lego fire truck miney dirtbike miney dirtbike soot and helmit
Love Tavish

Dear Santa,
Please get me the new D.S. game kung-zu and some Lego star-wars toys. I know you and your elfs are busy. This year will be the best! I hope you have a good time in the North pole.
From Parker

Dear Santa,
I have been so good I Want. A D.s.i please and a ipod touch case I like you so much. You are the best in I like you allat. You have allat many
Love Brooke

Dear Santa,
I was good and I want a dog, cat, hello kitty, bag, electric scooter.
P.S. I love you

Dear Santa,
I’ve always wanted a S-N-O-W-G-L-O-B-E. And a X Bvox 360 Kinect and could you get a bike for my brother please. He always uses my bike. Please give me a snowglobe!
Your freind Kristi

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is a dog, skis, a chess board with the guys. P.S. I believe in you. You are a very nice person Santa
From Paul

Dear Santa,
How are you doing how is Mrs. Claus guess what I want for Christmas can I have a wii and a doll and to wish my mom a merry Christmas and a ipod and a good day
Love Brooklyn

Dear Santa,
I hope you have great Christams in the North pole. I hope your rein Deer are doing well I hope I could see you this Christmas Marry Christmas Santa
Good day
Love Keeley

Dear Santa,
How is Mis. Claus doing? For Christmas I want a caryokey and how is Rudolf doing. Is there anething I can do for you Santa I hope there is sumthing I can do for you.
Love Kendra

Dear Santa,
How are the rein deer? How is Mrs Clas? Wat I want for Chrismas is a gtar. Ido belie in you.
Love Landon

Dear Santa,
How are you doing  I’m doing great. Are the raindeer doing well. Is Rudolf’s nose still glowing. It’s really snowy here in Mt. green. Have a merry Christmas!
Sicerley Liam

Dear Santa,
I hope you and the elves are having a good time! Santa would you be so kind to breing me some heelys and some DS games. I really believe in you!
Marry Christmas!
Love Madison

Dear Santa,
How are you and the elves and reindeer doing? It’s that time of year for everyone to be happy and be together as famiy. If you could anything what would it be rite me back
Sinserely Paige W

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I’m going to buila workshop and I want to make a girl reindeer. I belive in you. I love Christmas. I love Christmas because it’s the time of year it be giving and I love green and red their very pretty colors
Sicerley cami

Dear Santa,
I am hiding a present for you bye the cookies. Is Rudolf real Santa?
Love Cole

Dear Santa,
The one thing I would like is a skateboard. Are you ok? How is Rudolf? I hope you have a good Christmas. How are the reindeer. I believe in you
Love Brenden

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? How small are the elves? I want to see what you look like? How are the
deer doing? What did my
mom and DAD tell you
what I want?
Love Ellie