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Morgan Cross Country finishes season at State competition

Article Date: 
8 November, 2013 (All day)

On Oct. 23, Trojan runners climbed aboard the team bus for the last time this season en route to Sugarhouse Park. The venue is familiar among running enthusiasts as the cross country state championships have been held here for decades. 
The course designers do a good job creating a spectator friendly race. Family, friends and supporters are able to watch the race unfold through a series of five separate passes within the main viewing area. Warm, dry and sunny conditions met the athletes in a favorable setting for competition, and an even more ideal setting for those looking on.
The girls competed first, and for seniors Candace Gunn and Andrea Millburn, this would be the last cross country race of their high school careers. From the moment the starting gun sounded, the race took on a fast pace. Each of the girls were able to sustain this level of performance and finished with some of their best times of the season. 
The state race is a great place to peak. Candace Gunn again led the way for the girls, finishing first for Morgan. Nikki Wilson also ran a great race with a fantastic time and finished second for Morgan.
When the boys took to the course, race officiators observed a uniform irregularity that would have potentially jeopardized their ability to compete. Due to some quick thinking, the boys hurriedly donned the compliant girl jerseys to ensure their eligibility would stay intact. The boys will always remember this meet as the one where they wore the unusually tight uniforms. 
The boys 3A competition saw a relatively narrow separation among all the runners when compared with all the other races of the day. 
The spread from the first runner to the final runner was only 4:32. Andrew Allen maintained his team leadership, running a strong race and crossing the finish line first in relation to the other Morgan competitors.