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Morgan County Sheriff’s Department Destroys Large Marijuana Farm

Article Date: 
19 August, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan County Sheriff’s department removed more than 7,000 marijuana plants growing on a farm above Porterville.  The sheriff’s office worked with other law enforcement agencies and more than 50 officers were involved in the operation.

The marijuana farm was reported last Saturday by a helicopter pilot who previously worked for the Forest Service.  He reported the find to the sheriff’s office.  An officer then flew with him over the area and confirmed the sighting.

Saturday evening two deputies hiked back into the site and surveyed it.  Sunday evening the team was joined by members of the narcotics strike force and on Monday a dozen SWAT team members joined the surveillance of the site.  On Sunday morning the officers heard two individuals, but no one was apprehended.  The officers removed more than 7,000 plants on Wednesday, many of which were between four and six feet high.  

The sheriff’s office reported that the farm was sophisticated and had likely been in operation for at least two years.  The site had a campsite as well as irrigation and hoses to water the crop.  There were four grow sites in the area.  The area is on private property and in rough terrain.

Authorities believe this is likely to be the largest marijuana grow ever discovered in the county.  The street value of the plants is estimated at $14 million.


It's a bold thing from these pot farmers to grow marijuana in the wood, how far did they think this would go? It's not so difficult to find a marijuana farm apparently, you can't just blend it with the woods and hope that nobody will notice it. My younger brother spent a good while in a dual diagnosis rehab because of a drug like this, I am definitely against this drug.