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Morgan County to receive $550,000 grant

Article Date: 
24 February, 2012 (All day)

Morgan county will receive $550,000 in a grant from the state of Utah for improvements to the airport after the county agreed to provide a ten percent match of only $55,000.  The funds will be used to pave the taxi area sleeves at the airport.  

Member Don Mathews, the council member who serves on the airport advisory board said, “The airport has such a tremendous future for the county as we look forward to the Snow Basin project coming on board.  The Morgan County Airport will be the closest airport to a ski resort in the state of Utah.”  Member Mathews also added, “The airport collects on an annual basis about $45,000 in funds and the expenses are about 22,000.”  The airport provides funds from its operation each year to the county to help pay for other county expenditures.   

Member Kilmer stated, “The county has very few areas set aside for business areas...this airport is one of those.  I think the more upgrades and things we do to it to improve it is going to increase the chances of drawing business in their which increases our county revenue.  I think it is a huge move in the direction towards economic development. 

Work will begin shortly to do the design work and secure the funds from the state.  This project is the latest of several projects in which the county has received substantial matching funds for airport improvements.