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The Morgan County News Wins Three Awards

Article Date: 
25 March, 2011 (All day)


As the season is about to change from winter to spring each year, newspapers from across the state meet in Saint George for the Utah Press Association’s Winter Convention.  This last weekend, March 18-19, the annual event was held and marked the association’s 117 annual convention.  As always, The Morgan County News was there to represent Morgan’s hometown newspaper.  

Representatives were there from Utah newspapers that are delivered daily to those delivered once a week. Other more specialized newspapers of Utah were present, as well as newspapers from Utah’s colleges and universities.

At the event newspapers discuss what they have done that is working well and what their readers have liked.  One of the most interesting sessions this year was from the Provo Daily Herald.  

The Herald had printed nearly life size pictures of BYU athletes.  The posters were printed on three separate full pages in the newspapers and readers could then tape them together.  It is no surprise that Jimmer was one of the most popular.  Many newspapers also reported an increase in their use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to reach out to their readers and provide timely news updates.

Legislation was also discussed.  Updates were provided on SB 477 limiting public access to records of the Utah Legislature.  The Utah Press is sponsoring a petition drive to repeal the legislation that was passed.  

There were several good speakers, including Clark Gilbert the new CEO of the Deseret News.  Clark spoke of the new direction at the Deseret News.  They are transforming the newspaper into a worldwide media outlet focused on carrying messages about the family and other key topics.  It was interesting to note that being a leading source of news for Utah seemed to be missing from the goals Clark articulated.  

Receiving the “most coveted honor” of the Utah Press Association was Nancy Conway.  Conway is the Editor of The Salt Lake Tribune.  Hal McKnight, long-time newspaper man at the Price Sun Advocate was inducted into the Utah Newspaper Hall of Fame, which is displayed at the Utah State Capitol.

One of the most anticipated parts of the weekend is the last evening where the convention is wrapped up at a dinner and winners of the Utah Press Association’s “Better Newspaper Contest” are announced and presented with their awards.  

The awards recognize excellence in the newspapers across the state.  They are awarded in many categories and recognize achievements in writing, design, editorial, feature articles, series and other areas.  The Morgan County News was recognized with three awards.  They were for:

1. Best Staff  Produced  R.O.P Ad Campaign for The Morgan County News (Events Covered)

2. Best In-House Self Promotion  of The Morgan County News (Where in the World) - Comments from the Judge’s said, “Great Concept using outside the box thinking.  Stories make the campaign.

3. Third Place for Best Staff Produced R.O.P. Ad Campaign for The Morgan County News (A-Z) 

It is no surprise that all of the winning items were designed by our publisher, Anne Anderson.  Anne’s creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and dedication show through in each and every job she works on for the clients of The Morgan County News.  The judges at the Utah Press clearly saw this as well.  

The Morgan County News is proud to be recognized and proud to be part of such a wonderful group of organizations that educate, engage, entertain, and bring a feeling of community to the areas they serve.  

We also would like to thank each of you as our readers for your support in helping make our newspaper the best it can be.

The goal of The Morgan County News is to honor Morgan’s hometown newspaper’s great history and the traditions of the paper which go back to 1923.  In October of that year Publisher, C.B. Wallace printed the first issue of The Morgan County News.  Since Wallace’s time, there have been ten more publishers of the newspaper.  

Besides honoring the newspaper’s past, the current staff of The Morgan County News also has the goal of making continues improvements to the paper as the times and the county goes through growth and change.