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The Morgan County News gets a visitor from Washington D.C.

Article Date: 
13 January, 2012 (All day)

On Monday January 9, The Morgan County News received a visit from Emily Bennion who is the Press Secretary to Senator Lee, stationed in Washington D.C. 

Extending the care and concern for those who Senator Lee Represents, even small town Utah, it was a pleasure to have that kind of reaching out all the way from Washington D.C. 

Senator Mike Lee is a subscriber to the local newspapers here in Utah, and we were very pleased to know that every issue of The Morgan County News gets read in Senator Lee’s office. A politician who stays involved not only at a national level, but very concerned for the needs of the people at local levels. 

While in our office we were able to discuss some of the strengths we see in the Morgan Community, such as strong individuals, and great education programs in Morgan. We also spoke about Morgan City recognizing the Constitution of the United States upcoming 225th Birthday with sponsoring a program for the community to learn about the start of a nation, with Forgotten American Family Night Stories. Found in local businesses and online at .

 We also discussed some of the challenges that we hear about in our office, such as business economic development, as well as the need for funding for small town businesses.  We also spoke about the shortage of funds for security and law enforcement here in the valley, as the valley per capita has grown, yet the staffing has seen a shortage for the amount of people now in Morgan. 

When asked about how things were going in Washington D.C., Bennion replied, “Senator Lee holds strong to the cause for America, and adhering to the agenda to cut spending in Washington D.C. as well as the Balance Budget Amendment.” 

We were impressed with the personal care and attention for local communities that was shared from as far away as Washington D.C. but as close as our office.   To get involved with things happening in Washington D.C. and express your thoughts and opinions you can send a letter to our Utah Senator at:


Senator Mike Lee, United States Senate

SH-316 Hart Building

Washington, D.C. 20510