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Morgan Conservation District’s Bag O’ Woad Program a success

Article Date: 
22 June, 2012 (All day)

Morgan Conservation District’s Bag O’ Woad youth weed pull yielded three tons of the noxious weed, dyer’s woad. This is a one ton increase from last year!
The majority of the general public is not aware of the threat noxious weeds have on both the land and the economy.  Weed supervisors and land managers spend time and money battling these weeds whose impact can be devastating to natural areas and agriculture alike. Once established, they can displace all of the beneficial native vegetation: reducing biodiversity, animal habitat, grazing capacity and soil stability, while increasing fire hazards and economic inputs to control the weeds.
It is critical that the Morgan County community understand that noxious weeds are a serious problem in the county and support local weed control efforts. 
Morgan Conservation District is working to bridge this gap with their education program, Bag O’ Woad. In May and June 2012, youth, with the help of their parents, dug and filled 40 pound bags of the noxious weed dyer’s woad. In return, they received a $10 bounty per bag. Seventy people participated in the program that yielded the impressive three tons of woad. This is excellent participation for a town of 10,000 people.  
Participants ranged from landowners, who constantly try to control the weed, to people who had previously only viewed it as a beautiful wild flower. It is certain that everyone who participated will now recognize dyer’s woad and be aware of how prolific it is. They now have a better understanding of the daunting effort it takes to manage noxious weeds and will easily understand the threats of other noxious weeds in Morgan County.
The program was sponsored by Morgan Conservation District, 1st Bank, Diamond D Ranch, Geneva Rock, J Reverse J Cattle Company, Jay and Wess Wardell Fur Farm and Morgan County and the Morgan Farm Bureau.