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Morgan Conservation District’s Bag O’ Woad Program a Success!

Article Date: 
10 June, 2011 (All day)


Morgan Conservation District’s Bag O’ Woad youth weed pull yielded over 2 tons of the noxious weed, dyer’s woad!

Youth, with the help of their parents, dug and filled 40 pound bags of the weed. In return they received a $10.00 bounty per bag. Fifty nine people participated in the program that ran from Tuesday May 24 through Tuesday June 7th.

Dyer’s woad is among the most troublesome weeds in Morgan County. It displaces native rangeland species and can reduce grazing capacity by an average of 38%. This rapidly spreading perennial/biennial produces 350 to 500 seeds per year making early detection, early response critical to its control.

The Bag O’ Woad Program is designed to raise the public’s awareness of dyer’s woad and other noxious weeds by providing a fun, educational, and profitable event where families work together.

Funding came from the Morgan Conservation District, 1st Bank, Diamond D Ranch, J Reverse J Cattle Company, and Morgan County.