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Morgan City Passes “Spice” Ban

Article Date: 
31 December, 2010 - 06:00

In the Morgan City council meeting on Tuesday the council passed an ordinance banning “synthetic cannabinoids.”  The substance has been given the street name of “spice”.  This follows similar bans by other cities like Ogden and Layton.  The Morgan ordinance is patterned after the Layton Ordinance.
The synthetic cannabinoids were developed for medical purposes, but were adapted for personal use.  The spray is combined with incense or other substances and when burned creates an intoxicating substance which has greater physiological effects than marijuana.  The State of Utah is considering legislation to make these substances illegal, but cities around the state have acted in advance of the state legislation.
The city council acted to make these substances illegal because of the danger to the public of driving while intoxicated and because of the health risks to citizens.  The larger concern for the council, however, was to take action before issues emerge in the schools.  Morgan High and Morgan Middle School are both within city limits and the passing of this ordinance will make this substance illegal to posses in the schools.
The ordinance makes it illegal to “manufacture, distribute, dispense, ingest, use, possess, purchase, sell, advertise for sale, publicly display for sale, give, trade, or barter” the chemical used in the products which have been given the street name of “spice”.  A violation of the ordinance is a class B misdemeanor.