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Morgan Chamber of Commerce envisions Morgan

Article Date: 
3 February, 2012 (All day)

The Chamber of Commerce has been working extremely hard for the past year in getting an Economic Development plan in place to best assist businesses in Morgan.

On Thurs. Jan 26, the Chamber of Commerce met with the public, including the city and county officials to bring to light the months of research in getting an economic development plan together. 

John Barber from Barber Bros. Ford spoke about the need for all Morgan Businesses to get involved with The Chamber of Commerce. “We need additional members, and everyone getting involved, getting into the chamber of commerce, to be able to share the tax burden for the community,” said John Barber.  

Work Force Services was present to let the community know what is available through their services. Work Force Services work with businesses to help accommodate all types of businesses needs. “We know what businesses need,” said Becky Collingwood.  “Take advantage of Work Force Services, to help your business with work opportunities, tax services, benefits of hiring a veteran with disabilities and more. Work force services can help you get up to $18,000 max in tax credits.  Many state and federally funded programs can get an employer up to $2000 back on hiring from their targeted lists for employee hires. Work Force services can bond for businesses, sort through resumes, help fill job orders for employers with their 79,000 registered users, they can help pull in the right employee for your business. 

If the Morgan community seeks to hold a job fair, Work Force Services can help set that up, including sending out flyers and doing branding and marketing for your business. This is a free service done to help businesses. 

Andrew Willis from the DATC spoke about the new Morgan North Front Business Resource Center that will be opening soon in the old Val’s Flower building.  The Center will be a great asset for business resourcing. There will be cubicles set up, as well as conference room, break room and computers for businesses that are involved with the center. Some of the other advantages of the center are that businesses can use the business address as their own business address, as well as free one on one business consulting  in Marketing, financial and sales help. The whole purpose of the center will be to grow businesses.  Andrew Willis said, “The more people know, the more they can help each other grow.”

A questionnaire  survey was handed out to each business owner  in Morgan. This survey is so important to return, says Shelly Betz from Morgan City, it will help determine the needs of the businesses in Morgan and what the City and County can do to further help develop the individual businesses.

Albert Wilde from the Chamber of Commerce, and Steve Whitesell from Radian Technical Marketing spoke about the new website that will be up and running soon for The Morgan area Chamber of Commerce.  This will be a place where all events and businesses can come together in synergy to promote business and events in Morgan.  This website will be a huge help for commerce and those who are wondering what to do, and where to go, and where to find everything from A to Z in Morgan County. This new website will help facilitate businesses and help people visiting to find certain businesses.

The Chamber also hopes it will spark new interest in businesses working together for the big events that come through the valley, where working together all businesses can make a profit. Some of the events talked about were the 4th of July, The Morgan County Fair, The Ragnar Races, The Widow Maker events, and how businesses working together could capitalize on those events, and through the new chamber website.  

Shelly Betz spoke about envisioning  Morgan,  and expressed the passion and determination for helping the business sector. Betz spoke about the mission of the Chamber of Commerce: 

To visit existing businesses and learn and understand the needs by assessing needs from the business questionare sent out to all businesses. To  establish a network  of businesses to exchange ideas at each chamber meeting.

To bring in guests speakers to help businesses in growth and expansion.

To work to facilitate new business growth by identifying area asset and resources, reducing restrictions and implementing business incentives. 

To Work with existing government entities to develop specific business incentives and reduce restrictions to facilitate growth. 

To Identify area assets and resources. (such as the RDA zone, Enterprise Zone, Recycling Zone, Morgan area chamber of commerce, Work force Services and more)

To Promote and market the Morgan area as a business friendly, outdoor adventure destination. 

To Develop a website that reflects the Morgan area, as a business friendly, outdoor destination.

To Develop specific marketing products promoting the Morgan Area; brochures, radio and tv spots, ads in written media, stories and magazines.

To Strengthen existing, and create new community events that will help bring tourism  into the Morgan Area. 

To Identify current community events.  To identify where and how new events could be offered; hot air balloons, job fairs, car shows, etc. 

To develop an events committee to help events with their business plans and share event resources. Example- Co-op marketing program, an other private event assets.

To have businesses network together and attend Chamber meetings. 

Shelly Betz also spoke about the different tax benefits of building a business in Morgan’s RDA Zone, Enterprise Zone and Recycling Zone. Businesses can receive a matching 50% grant up to a certain amount,  given them for the improvement of one of the businesses in the RDA zone, which includes more then just Commercial Street. The zone goes up the street past Carrigan Motors, to the industrial area on state street by Ridley’s Grocery Store.   These improvements are anything that stays with the building when the business leaves, such as floors, roofs, structural improvements.  Tax credits are also available for having a business in this zone.

The Enterprise zone is a huge tax break from the state, for non retail businesses. This business zone is for those who purchase business equipment, and who create new economic activity meaning more jobs.

The Recycling Zone is tax breaks for businesses who collect, process, or distribute or use recycled material in their manufacturing operation. The tax credit is givent from the state of Utah. 

With the City, The County and The Chamber of Commerce all working together for the businesses in Morgan, it just makes sense to do business in Morgan.  Working Together Morgan can be a strong economic town. Send your filled out business survey to P.0. Box 142, Morgan UT, 84050.