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Morgan bike park gears up for first riders

Article Date: 
3 May, 2013 (All day)

Our little valley is known for amazing results from volunteer efforts to improve the community and Morgan’s new bike park will certainly add to that legacy.
In an effort to help residents get outside and enjoy their surroundings, Jason Johnson, front man to this effort, has moved heaven and quite literally, earth, to make sure that his dream comes to fruition.  
With the help of many members of the community, the Morgan bike park is taking shape.  Although it remains under construction, residents are invited to begin using the first of its many features.
The first feature that has been put in place is a pump track.  What is a pump track?  A pump track is a cleverly concocted series of berms and rollers, or simply bumps, placed at varying heights.  The “bumps” allow riders to use their own body weight and physics to move along the trail.  When this is done correctly, the rider can flow through the course without actually pedaling.  
Johnson hopes to host the first annual Chainless Bike Race during the Morgan County Fair this year.  
Because the course has to be engineered just right for the pump track to work, they ask that the following rules be adhered to: 
No motorized vehicles or bikes on the course.
Do not use the track when it is wet.
Please do not dig or modify trails and features.
For your safety, always wear a helmet.
You can see the progress of the track on the Morgan Bike Track facebook page,  It is really quite fun to see the progression of this new outdoor area.  Johnson diligently updates this page with photos, videos and the current needs of the park.  
Because this is all volunteer and donation driven, Johnson relies on the goodness of community members to make this all come together.  He is in awe of all the people who have already assisted in this effort.  
Staker-Parsons has donated equipment and engineering services, Wilkinson Construction and Wardell Brothers have assisted with equipment and services, and Mike Waite even assisted in having 175 loads of dirt hauled in.  
“Mike works for the county and knew of a Questar project going on and stepped in to help,” said Johnson.  This project to replace lines where the road is being widened caused them to be left with a lot of dirt that because of regulations could not be used to fill in the places it was taken from.  This fill dirt was a huge blessing to the park.
Construction will continue to be funded primarily through generous donations of time, equipment, fuel, expertise and financial support.  Private company donations are appreciated and will be recognized on a donor sign at the park.  In order to reduce the burden on just a few companies, if there is anyone who has equipment or donations they would like to contribute, or even just time, please contact Johnson at (801) 452-1145.
A volunteer committee has been organized to help facilitate scheduling.  If you have a Scout group, youth group or just want to volunteer as a family, please let them know.  Ideally, volunteers will provide service on a weeknight and then are more than welcome to stay and enjoy the park.  Brief lessons will be provided when possible to volunteers.
The bike park master plan is set up to make this a prime location to enjoy family time.  There will be courses for little tikes in the strider area and the perimeter will be filled with places for the casual rider to join in the fun with the more adventurous members of your group.
We take pride in being the healthiest county in Utah.  Let’s support every effort to maintain that honor.  
More importantly, let’s use the park and support each other in our own personal efforts to maintain healthy lifestyles and family relationships.