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Money tree for the Rogers family

Article Date: 
25 November, 2011 (All day)


We will be having a money tree at The Morgan County News, for a family that recently got in a very bad car wreck going to Evanston Wyoming.   The Rogers family of Hooper were on their way to Evanston Wyoming when they hit black ice and rolled their vehicle down a Ravine. Because they were going hunting the ammunition started exploding on impact of the wreck. Fortunately the family was able to get out without  burns. 

It was 4 hours before they could get life flighted out.  

The father Dave broke his back and even with a broken back got his daughter in law Brittany out to safety, though she was trapped inside the vehicle.  The son DJ was thrown out of the vehicle, critically injured,  shortly after went into a coma. The son’s wife Brittany suffered severe injuries as well to her legs.  This family was already struggling financially, and have three small children ages 1, 5 and 7. The dad DJ never came out of the coma and died this week.  The aunt lives here in Morgan

This family could really use help for the holidays. If you would like to donate, we will have a money tree available at the Morgan County Newspaper office at 185 N. #2, Commercial Street, Morgan, or contact us at (801)829-3451. There is also an account set up at America First Credit Union under the name of Charity for the Rogers family.