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Miracle-fest makes a successful run

Article Date: 
4 April, 2014 (All day)

It seems that every week there is a story about the generosity of people in Morgan County.  This week Mountain Green Elementary was home to such an event.
Over 650 people gathered at the elementary school the evening of March 28 to join in a 5K and a one-mile “Miracle March” to raise funds for the family of Roy Avery, who was critically injured in a car accident in January.
A semitrailer broke down on the Mountain Green on ramp and tried to get all the way off the road, but didn’t quite make it.  Avery unknowingly accelerated into the back of the vehicle.  His car was wedged under the trailer and emergency personnel had to cut him out of his car.  He was lucky to survive the accident that immediately paralyzed him. This was not his last miracle.  Avery is a fighter.
Prior to the accident, Avery was an avid athlete.  He spent much of his free time in the outdoors cycling, skiing and hiking.  Because of this Avery didn’t dwell on his accident; he moved forward body and soul.  He spent over two months in the hospital, but after extensive spinal rehabilitation at the University of Utah hospital, he arrived home, the day of the fundraiser. 
Miraculously, still in his hospital clothes, Avery showed his athletic spirit by stepping out of his car and walking straight to the 5K starting line with only a cane. Attendees were so excited to see him on his feet. 
According to those in attendance, there were several families there who didn’t even know the Averys.  They just heard of the need and showed up to support the event.  Dale Stanford said, “We just want to thank all those who came and supported Roy in this miraculous recovery.” 
“I believe these miracles can be attributed to a person’s will coupled with prayer and family support,” said Melinda Sheridan. 
Stanford continued saying, “We live in an amazing area with great, supportive people.  The Averys are an amazing family loved by many people.”  
Event organizers want to thank Sandy’s Fine Foods for providing the amazing dinner and all the other local companies and individuals who took part in the successful fundraiser.  If you were not able to make it to the fundraiser, but would still like to help, an account has been set up at 1st Bank.  You can visit either branch to contribute.