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Mickelson Elected to City Council

Article Date: 
11 November, 2011 (All day)


In a close result separated by only 16 votes Lynn Mickelson was elected to the Morgan City council. Mickelson previously served on the council for many years. In an election for three council positions, with four candidates running, the following are the results: Cards cast: 315 Total votes cast: 907 (each voter could cast three votes)

1. Tony London 289 votes (incumbent)

2. Jeff Wardell 264 votes (incumbent)

3. Fred Lynn Mickelson 183 votes

4. DeOrr Peterson 167 votes (incumbent)

Write in votes: 4

The new city council as of January will now be: Ray Little, Tony London, Shelly Betz, Jeff Wardell, and Lynn Mickelson.  DeOrr Peterson will leave the city council after a total of thirteen years serving three separate times. Peterson has been involved in service to the community in many ways, including his service on the city council and as a leader in the Morgan Lions club.  Peterson has been tireless in helping to ensure the cemeteries were well cared for.  Peterson’s tenure on the council will end at the close of this year, but it is certain that his service to the community will continue.

Mickelson also has a long history of service in the community including twenty years on the city council.  Mickelson will add a new voice to what has been a stable council that reports an excellent working relationship among its members.  In his interview with The Morgan County News Mickelson said, “If you liked what I did when I was on the council, vote for me.”  It appears that voters liked what he did.